An Esthetician Is Battling Skincare Overconsumption On TikTok Through 'Bare Minimum' Routines

If you've ever seen skincare videos online, you've probably seen people use product after product to get glowy and clear skin. While there's no doubt that there is strength in using the best skincare products that target your skin issues, using too many products can cause more problems. Besides draining your bank account, overusing these products can cause them to conflict with each other, leading to irritation and redness. On top of the physical reasons why you should limit your skincare products, you'll also find that over-purchasing can lead to throwing away many before you've had the chance to finish them.


You don't need a lengthy or extensive routine to get your dream skin, as consistency is more vital for your skin's health than anything else. With more realizing this notion of overconsumption, the concept of a "bare minimum skincare routine" has started to take off on TikTok. A bare minimum routine is perfect for those who don't want to shell out to get healthy and glowy skin because it uses only the necessary products and omits the rest. 

How to set up a bare minimum routine

In her recent TikTok video, master esthetician @skinbykristin listed her absolutely non-negotiable products that everyone should use for clear and healthy skin. No matter your age, you should always start with a cleanser to wash your face to remove any dirt, makeup, or buildup, both at the start and at the end of your day. 


Although those with oily skin might believe they are exempt from this next step, it could be the most essential of all. Moisturizing your skin is vital if you want your skin to remain hydrated and plump throughout the day. The final step in the viral bare minimum skincare routine is sunscreen, regardless of your age or skin type. No matter what you are doing or where you are headed, sunscreen is essential to protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and light.

These three steps should make up your bare minimum skincare routine, no matter your skin type. For those between the ages of 27 and 33, @skinbykristin recommends adding in two more steps. In the morning, include an antioxidant product before your moisturizer, such as a vitamin C serum. And at night, include some form of exfoliation before your moisturizer. 


Adding more to your bare minimum routine

Although a bare minimum skincare routine includes exactly what your skin needs and nothing else, there are a few cases in which you may need more items. Those wishing to tackle anti-aging or acne problems may want to add one or two more products into their routine. You may also need more products if you have a specific skin concern, such as dryness. 


Serums containing hyaluronic acid or niacinamide could be best for those who need more hydration or want to get rid of those pesky dark spots. Anti-aging treatments can also help add moisture back into dry patches and help conceal the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Ultimately, the idea behind a bare minimum skincare routine is to only use products you need and nothing you don't. Don't feel like you need to go out and buy every product that's going viral on TikTok. Instead, listen to what your skin needs and meet those needs, without all the extras.