Mauve Is The New No-Polish Polish Color Upgrading Your Neutral Nails

Nude nail designs never go out of style, as neutral nail polish is a classic manicure staple. While brighter, more colorful manicures can be trendy and make fun statements, they tend to go out of style quickly and can be too bold for some settings. So, when in doubt, subtle and sophisticated neutral manicures are an excellent go-to for any event, place, and occasion. But what if you want something slightly more exciting than black, white, beige, or brown nail ideas for a step above a basic neutral mani? Mauve can help you get a sophisticated-but-not-boring look; plus, it's what is trendy in 2023.

"Mauve is always a trending color, as it veers neutral, but it's not so basic," Sonya Belakhlef, a celebrity nail artist, told Who What Wear. Thus, you won't have to worry about that grayish light purple or pinkish polish going out of style, as it's always in — so everyone should experiment with mauve manicures!

Try dark mauve for a visible and elegant look

Dark mauve nail polish won't look too subtle, as it'll appear bolder and more noticeable than ultra-light, barely there mauve shades. So, if you want a classy yet visible mauve manicure, opt for a darker shade to ensure people can see it on your nails.

Explore the pinker sides of mauve

While most people typically think of a purple tint when they hear the word "mauve," you shouldn't forget that some mauve hues can have more of a pink tint. If you prefer pink over purple or want a girlier, daintier look, search for mauve nail polishes that feature more of a pinkish hue for that cutesy, playful look.

Lean into the gray tones

On the other hand, anyone who wants to embrace the neutral aspect of mauve should use a mainly gray mauve polish with a very slight purple tint. The primarily gray mauve polish will provide a subtle and sophisticated look, perfect for elegant and professional settings and events, such as weddings or work meetings.

Add contrast on one finger

Although that purple-ish mauve hue is beautiful for manicures, not every nail on your finger has to be mauve. If you enjoy manicures with a little contrast, add an accent nail by painting your ring finger — or any other finger you want to stand out — a different color or add a design on that nail for a more unique and bold overall manicure.

Mauve is gorgeous for pedicures, too

Not only is mauve nail polish an excellent option for your next manicure, but the subtle yet stylish hue looks beautiful on toenails, too. If you want a pedicure in a nail polish color that's not too bold but more intriguing than a basic neutral, mauve is the perfect pedicure hue for you.

Opt for a glossy look

Some nail polish colors look impeccable with a glassy finish, and mauve is one of those hues — especially when it's a light, playful shade. Thus, consider opting for a light, shiny mauve nail polish or add a glossy top or clear coat over the manicure for a beautifully glazed appearance.