6 Outdated Summer 2023 Jewelry Trends That Stopped Shining Long Ago

Jewelry plays an underrated role in the non-stop merry-go-round of fashion trends. While the collective's attention might go to clothing, shoes, and bags first when assessing the fashion cycle, jewelry trends simply can't be ignored. When you imagine swapping a white gold diamond tennis bracelet with one made of colorful plastic beads or natural conch shells, the impact jewelry can have on an outfit becomes clear. 

After nearly a decade of '90s minimalism looks taking over fashion and beauty trends, a shift is beginning to take place. Much of that shift is suggesting — you guessed it — that it's time for another long-past decade to enjoy a comeback. Many of the fashion trends on deck for summer 2023, including jewelry trends, are of the big, bold nature strongly associated with the style trends of the '80s. If you're ready to transition your jewelry into the next phase of fashion, check out these trends that have officially achieved outdated status.

Singular necklaces

One necklace is simply not enough to satisfy the bold spirit of the jewelry trends shaping up for summer 2023. Remember when bangle stacks were super popular? It's time to apply that same enthusiasm to layering necklaces of varying lengths, materials, and styles to express your unique personality. 

Traditional pearls

The general concept of pearls is timeless. However, the unique pearls available for affordable prices today are not your grandmother's pearls. The hottest pearls for this summer are natural, freshwater pearls that come in a dazzling array of irregular shapes. No more perfectly round, conformist pearls for you. 

Dainty anything

If there is one overarching theme of the incoming summer jewelry trends this year, it is this: Soft and dainty is out, while chunky and bold is in. If staying current is your goal, put away your tiniest, most delicate pieces and replace them with statement pieces that feature bright colors and large shapes.

Unethically sourced gems

Blood diamonds, or diamonds mined in war zones using forced labor, are not the look anyone should go for in 2023. If you must wear a diamond, make sure it's ethically-sourced or lab-grown. Or, look for gemstones that are low on the conflict list, such as Brazilian citrine or Mexican amethyst.

Muted colors

This year's summer jewelry trends are all about bright, joyful colors. Set aside your white and pastel pieces to make way for the dopamine jewelry train that's about to come flying through. Don't worry about collecting too many bright pieces. The trend will certainly fade out at some point, but it will just as certainly make a comeback in the future. 

Small hoops

Remember the almost absurdly giant hoop earrings of the 1980s? Guess what; they're back. No more small, distinguished hoops for your ears — at least until fall. And, if you hit the thrift store now, you can gather up all the huge hoops before anyone else even realizes they're cool again!