The Dopamine Jewelry Trend Is Taking Pops Of Color To The Next Level

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You've likely heard of dopamine dressing, the fashion phenomenon that emerged from the dreary depths of the COVID-19 pandemic. After years of dressing only for function, mixing in bright colors and wardrobe staples that only exist for the purpose of bringing you joy can feel pretty great. Now, dopamine dressing seems to have found its way into jewelry trends just in time for summer 2023.

If you thought clothing items in fun patterns and colors felt joyful, wait until you give bright, bold jewelry pieces a try. Just a few statement pieces of dopamine jewelry can be mixed and matched with a number of wardrobe essentials to create an endless array of fresh new looks. Fun jewelry pieces do tend to be more affordable, however, so buying all your favorites may be an option. When it comes to how fun this trend can be, don't just take our word for it — check out these inspirational examples. 

More is more

In the past, perhaps you've experimented with a jumbo ring or a brightly colored bracelet when you were feeling daring. But what if you combined those pieces into one fantastically extra look? Bonus points if the ring and the bracelet do not match each other or your outfit. 

Creature comforts

What could be cuter than bright beaded jewelry? Bright beaded jewelry that features your favorite animals, of course. If dolphins and gummy bears don't happen to be your fave critters, take a look around the internet for dinosaurs, cats, or any other cuddly creature your little heart desires. 

Bubbles and baubles

Some days, a small pop of color via a beaded bracelet might be enough to put some pep in your step. Other days, you might just need to make it look like you dumped out the contents of your most fun grandmother's jewelry box around your neck. On those days, go big! 

Joyful triangles

If an entire collar of baubles would be a little too much for you, consider a simple repeated geometric shape, such as triangles or squares. Search for your favorite colors or patterns to evoke a sense of peace and joy every time you look into the mirror that day. 

Rainbow couture

What is the first thing you think of when bright colors are mentioned? Rainbows, of course. Load up your wrists, neck, or fingers with rainbow jewelry pieces and then try to go about your day in a bad mood. We bet you can't make it more than an hour!

Flower power

Each and every year there is one marvelous creation of Mother Nature's that bridges the gap between the spring and summer seasons — beautiful, colorful flowers. If flowers bring you joy, why not keep some with you all day long by incorporating your favorite blooms into your jewelry collection? 

Smile season

Summer is the season of warmth, fun, love, and joy, and that deserves a smile (or 10). Gather as many joyful smiley faces as you can and intentionally wear them all at once. Your grumpy boss, cashier, or co-worker won't be able to help but grin every time they see you walk by.