Whimsical Beaded Jewelry Will Add A Bit Of Fun To Your Warm Weather Accessorizing

If fine jewelry has never really been your thing, we've got some good news for you. It appears that the 2023 trend cycle is pointing towards an uptick in the popularity of a staple that appears in most girls' wardrobes by elementary school. That's right, beaded jewelry is back. Dig out your favorite friendship bracelets from middle school or invest in some elevated upscale beaded pieces; the choice is yours. Either way, you'll want to get your hands on some whimsical beaded jewelry this spring and summer.

If you do happen to be more of a fine jewelry person and aren't sure if you can pull off a more playful look, there's nothing to worry about. All you need is some proper inspiration to get familiar with the types of beaded looks you prefer. Here are some of the best examples we could find of how to rock beaded jewelry.

Big bold boho

Boho is the aesthetic most commonly associated with beaded jewelry. You'll often see beads made of natural gemstones credited with metaphysical properties like health or prosperity. Whether or not you buy into these ideals, you can't deny that the pieces are eye catching. If you're going to go boho, you might as well go big with a piece like this one that features jumbo turquoise and carved sterling silver beads.

Bracelet stack

Beaded pieces don't have to stand alone. If you just can't let go of your statement gold or silver jewelry, simply mix your beads in with it instead of wearing them as a replacement. A stack of bracelets that mixes together fun beads and fine metals is about as whimsical as it gets when it comes to adult jewelry. 

Cool water blue

Cold, refreshing swimming pools, fresh lakes, and salty oceans are all summer staples. Reflect them in your summer jewelry with a cool blue glass or sea glass necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Even on rainy days and chilly nights, you'll have a reminder of the irreplaceable memories of sunny days spent poolside or on the beach.

Flower power

If you're looking to go retro with your beaded jewelry this summer, consider a bright, classic flower necklace. Or, stack multiples in a dazzling array of rainbow colors. Since this style tends to be inexpensive and fairly easy to make, you could even gather with friends to create your own or purchase a few from a crafter on Etsy or at a local flea market.

Beaded rings

If classic beaded necklaces and bracelets sound a little on the yawn-inducing side to you, there are more creative options out there. Take a look at beaded rings, which offer a unique look similar to that of the 8-bit graphics used in retro video games like Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers

Dark side of the beads

Not every beaded piece of jewelry has to feature serene ocean blues or bright rainbow colors. If you're a dark soul at heart, reflect that when you select your new beaded accessories. Bring on the black beads, dark roses, and skulls. Pair with a flawless matte black lipstick for ultimate goth summer glam vibes. 

Delicate geometric shapes

Beads are sometimes dismissed as being too clunky or childlike to be taken seriously as an adult jewelry staple, but this does not have to be the case. Tiny, delicate glass beads paired with meticulously shaped gemstones and precious metal hardware can look just as stunning as a more traditional piece. Be yourself in all your fashion selections, always.