Japanese Gel Manicure: What To Know About The Buzzy New Nail Trend

If there's anything certain in the beauty world, it's the sure-found obsession with finding the newest and best nail trends. We've seen nail trends extend from vibrant hues to 3D dimensions, such as pearlescent nails. Although getting a manicure hasn't changed much in the last couple of years, a new shakeup is coming to nail salons that might get us closer to safer manicures. It's no secret that gel manicures aren't healthy for our skin or nails. With the risk of damage from UV nail dryers and nail breakage, gel manicures can be an unhealthy habit. Thankfully, the newest trend circulating nail salons eliminates one of those dangers.

Japanese gel manicures have nothing to do with your nail design and everything to do with the ingredients and consistency of the gel polishes. When you go to the salon, you likely aren't aware of the type of nail polish used to create your design. Many of these polishes contain toxic ingredients hazardous to your nails and skin. Japanese gel manicures, on the other hand, use non-toxic ingredients, last longer than regular polish, and are shinier and more vibrant. These polishes can make your nail designs more pigmented without changing your nail design. Because these Japanese nail polishes aren't made in mass, your Japanese gel manicure can be more expensive than previous manicures. Nevertheless, the price is well worth the high pigmentation, non-toxic, and long-lasting gel manicure you'll receive.

It's easily manipulated

Apart from being long-lasting and pigmented, Japanese gel manicures are perfect for creating any type of nail design. The polishes used are flexible and adaptable to create various nail designs without the bulkiness of other materials. Japanese gel manicures can also be used as nail extenders, giving you the lightweight feel of natural nails with the hardness of a gel manicure.

It won't fade

One of the worst parts of regular gel manicures is when your nails start losing their sparkle. Perhaps your nails haven't grown out yet, but you're noticing your vibrant design is no longer as vibrant. Instead of swapping out a perfectly good nail design, opt for a Japanese gel manicure where the color and pigment are sure to last. Part of the charm of these polishes is that your color won't fade after a few hand washes or showers — the color remains until it's time to switch out your design.

Removing your nails won't hurt

Let's be honest: Removing gel manicures can be excruciating. Not only is it painful, but it can cause serious damage to your nails. Stubborn gel manicures can have you scraping and buffing your nails until they're brittle and fragile. Thankfully, Japanese gel manicures are easy to take off with regular acetone. After buffing the initial layer of your Japanese gel manicure with a nail file, apply acetone-soaked cotton balls for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, the gel polish should easily lift without needing a chisel to remove it.

Your nails will last longer

Although the price tag associated with Japanese gel manicures can be more than you're used to, it's worth it when considering how long they last. These Japanese-made gel polishes are meant to last around four weeks at a time. With this length of time, you don't need to head to the salon after a week to get a new manicure (though these tips may help your regular gel manicures last longer). So, while you might feel the price tag at the register, know that the design is worth the investment.

It's highly pigmented

If you love your nail designs, the pigment has to be on your mind while at the salon. The only way to get an authentic and vibrant nail design is by getting the color just right from the start. Unfortunately, by the time your regular gel manicures are cured and ready, the color isn't as saturated as you likely wanted it to be. But, because Japanese soft gel polish is highly pigmented, it captures the exact color you want with one swipe. Without needing to constantly apply layers, you save both time and effort.

It's non-toxic

Apart from the aesthetic features that make these gel manicures appealing is a more important feature to get excited about. Since the gel polishes used for Japanese gel manicures are made in Japan, they undergo strict regulations and reviews before release. To remain in control over the quality and safety, these gel polishes are only released in small batches. These quality controls and regulations ensure that nail polishes are made with non-toxic ingredients, something often criticized about regular gel polishes.