Cobra Pose: The Simple Yoga Move That Aids Digestion, Reduces Anxiety & More

Bhujangasana, or the cobra pose, is a simple yoga pose that imitates the shape of a cobra. It offers a range of benefits for not only your posture but also your digestive troubles and your anxiety, making it the ultimate yoga pose that you shouldn't miss out on. Plus, it's one of those poses that can be modified to suit your flexibility or energy levels.


The backbend and the chest-opening position this pose puts you in strengthens your back and massages the abdomen muscles. The pose works great as a warm-up for any kind of activity as it activates several different muscles, including the hamstrings, glutes, triceps, and back muscles. But in addition to being versatile, it also does your body numerous favors. These include helping you sort out your bowel movements, improve your posture, give you better sleep, and reduce your anxiety. So, get your yoga mat, lie down, and pose.

Why you should do the cobra pose

For starters, this yoga pose helps with digestion, so if you're stubbornly constipated, this pose may sort that out for you. When you are stretching out your upper body, you're engaging your abdominal muscles, which will help with any digestive issues you might be facing.


Secondly, it helps with your posture. Long day at the desk? Or do you always find yourself slouching? Well, this pose will fix your bad posture and relieve the pain of sitting at your desk all day. When you are engaging the back muscles by curving out your back, you'll make it a habit to engage your muscles when sitting or standing without any conscious effort. In addition to giving you flawless posture, it also helps with relieving back pains, which in turn will provide you with better sleep.

Furthermore, studies have shown that it helps reduce the symptoms of depression.

How to do the cobra pose

The cobra pose is similar to the upward dog pose but not as intense, so it is pretty simple to do.

To get yourself into position, start out by lying on your stomach. You can lie on the ground or on your favorite yoga mat, whichever you find comfortable. Have your legs stretched out behind you with your toes pointed outwards. Your hands should be placed underneath your shoulders, and make sure you're keeping your elbows close to your body.


Depending on how intense you want the pose to be, you can straighten or bend your elbows. Then, as you inhale, press down on your palms and bring your chest off the ground. Roll your shoulders back to open up your chest. Hold the pose for anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds to get the most out of the pose, and then exhale as you release.