Salicylic Acid Is An Acne Superhero, But Have You Ever Tried It On Your Scalp? (FYI, It's Life-Changing)

If you've dabbled in skincare before then you know that salicylic acid is often lauded as a skincare savior. On the skin, salicylic acid has plenty of benefits that can prove to be useful when dreaming of clear and healthy skin. Not only can it add some much-needed moisture back into the skin, but it can reach in and clear the skin of dead skin cells, dirt, or excess sebum. The product's simple and universal usage has made salicylic acid a must-have in most skincare routines. While everyone is currently loving it on their skin, its newfound popularity has made it essential for another body part. Besides being used on the skin, this ingredient is now finding fame as a scalp hero.


There are plenty of reasons why you want to take extra care of your scalp, regardless of your hair type. If left unkept, it can produce dandruff and irritation, which can pave the way for flakes, redness, and itchiness. Besides an irritated scalp, a poorly kept one can also ruin your hair with excess oil, or dry hair, which can hurt your mane's health over time. Scalp health has recently become more of a focus for consumers, who are looking to tackle their hair issues at the root — quite literally. Salicylic acid has now become part of this scalp care trend, making it a must-have in your haircare routine along with your skincare regime.

Reduces product buildup and oils

One of the reasons why your hair gets excess sebum and dirt is due to product buildup and oils. These happen when you go too long between washes or your hair simply is too dry, causing its natural oil production to ramp up. When this occurs, it can seem as if you'll want to get drier hair to remedy the solution. The truth is that you'll need to cleanse the scalp and hydrate it enough to send a message to your scalp that it is hydrated enough and to seize the natural oil production. Reducing product buildup and oils will give you a cleaner scalp and a stronger base for your hair to grow.


When it comes to reducing product buildup and oils, many turn to dry shampoo or other products to soak up some of that extra sebum. However, this approach will only lead to more product buildup over time and scalp irritation if yours is sensitive. Salicylic acid removes this layer of product buildup without being too harsh on your scalp. Exfoliating it in the process, your scalp will seem fresh and clean just with this ingredient.

Gives your scalp a cleanse

Many of the benefits of salicylic acid are based on the fact that it can cleanse the scalp enough to give you a much-needed clean base to work with. Because this ingredient is potent, it can reach deep into the scalp for a better cleanse. Although many haircare products will tout their ability to cleanse the scalp from any unwanted factors, ingredients like salicylic acid will reach further to give your scalp a deeper cleanse. Most shampoos and other products will give you a superficial cleanse, while salicylic acid penetrates under the scalp for a deep clean.


Besides cleansing the scalp of typical factors like oil or products, salicylic acid can also help reduce dandruff and signs of other issues. Dandruff can produce white flakes that signify a dry scalp. While it's not uncommon to struggle with the scalp condition or psoriasis, the white flakes can be overwhelming to deal with. Getting rid of them is essential if you want to begin clearing out your scalp of all of these factors. Getting back to a clean base can ensure that your hair growth will be healthy, as there is nothing to clog it.

Soothes and rids hair of dandruff

Besides getting rid of white flakes due to dandruff, salicylic acid can help soothe the causes of those white flakes. Since the scalp condition is caused by factors like a dry scalp, an irritated scalp, or excess oily skin, it takes a potent ingredient to soothe the area. No matter what the cause is behind dandruff, salicylic acid can help soothe an irritated scalp and give it a much-needed break. Besides treating the pesky cause of the flakes, it's also been used to help with psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.


Besides cleansing the scalp, salicylic acid helps to moisturize the sensitive region of the head again. Having a potent ingredient cleanse your scalp can sometimes be too harsh for it and can cause it to be too dry or irritated. The benefit of salicylic acid is that it has characteristics that will moisturize your scalp in the process. Besides a good cleanse, salicylic acid helps soothe dandruff caused by a dry scalp by returning some of that moisture to the scalp. This extra moisturizing helps avoid irritation and scratching due to a dry scalp that can cause dandruff to fall.

Hydrates a dry scalp

Proper hydration is key for a healthy scalp and the best hair growth. Too much hydration can cause oily hair, but a lack of hydration can produce a dry scalp. This can cause an excess of scalp issues besides dandruff, including psoriasis. Having a parched scalp also puts you in the path of an irritated one that can cause major discomfort. To add hydration back into the scalp, you'll need something more potent than just washing your hair. Ingredients like salicylic acid can help hydrate your scalp without causing excess oil or buildup. Getting the balance between hydration and not having too much oil is challenging but possible with the help of salicylic acid.


Using this product topically can help target dry areas much better than any supplement can. With haircare products that use salicylic acid, you can ensure that your scalp is hydrated in the places that you need it the most. Giving your scalp more hydration will also create a much better base for your hair to grow out of and thus produce shinier, healthier hair strands.