Do Expensive Makeup Brushes Really Make A Difference? A Pro MUA Settles The Debate

We all have different budgets for our makeup collections, but every beauty lover can agree that deciding what to prioritize in your spending is a tricky question. One of the most confusing items when setting your budget: makeup brushes. If you wear makeup, you're going to need to buy brushes at some point, but when you start shopping, you'll find a wide price range for them. To the eye of an amateur, makeup brush brands seem to be interchangeable. From this perspective, if all brushes get the job done, is it ever worth it to spring for a more expensive option? To get an expert perspective, Glam spoke exclusively to professional makeup artist Oscar Velazquez.


According to Velazquez, the money you spend on makeup brushes can have a big impact on how your makeup looks. More importantly, from the texture of the bristles to durable craftsmanship, the details matter when it comes to your everyday applicators.

Craftsmanship matters

Not all brushes are made the same, and you'll see the difference in the results of your makeup. Cheap brushes are typically made with cheap materials, whereas more expensive counterparts typically have better craftsmanship. This difference is particularly relevant in the quality of the bristles. As makeup expert Oscar Velazquez exclusively tells us, "The bristles are carefully selected and designed to offer superior performance and durability." This means that when you use more expensive brushes, you can avoid the inconveniences you might experience with a cheaper brush, such as loose bristles sticking to your makeup or funky streaks in your foundation. 


Whether the quality of bristles matters to you depends on how you use your brushes. If you use your brushes minimally for everyday makeup, it might not bother you as much if the blending isn't perfect. However, if brushes play a big role in your makeup routine — such as a draping technique like the popular circle blush hack — having sturdy bristles can make a big difference. And, of course, if you're doing your makeup for a special event, like a wedding or graduation, using expensive brushes with nicer bristles to create a more polished finish is definitely worthwhile. 

Denser brushes enhance application

If you want your makeup to be absolutely flawless, you should be prepared to spend the money on nicer makeup brushes. You might not notice it from a quick glance, but nicer brushes have more bristles on each brush head than cheaper drugstore brand brushes. This is part of why makeup brushes can be more expensive, but it's also what makes for fantastic results. In our exclusive chat, Oscar Velazquez explains that "these [expensive] brushes typically have densely packed bristles that pick up and distribute product evenly, allowing for better control and seamless blending."


When you're looking at makeup brush options, try thinking of each individual bristle as a device for picking up and applying makeup. If a brush has more bristles, you know you're getting a more efficient application tool. You might not have airbrushing equipment in your home, but, per Velazquez's expert opinion, an expensive, densely-packed brush will give you that perfectly airbrushed aesthetic.

Expensive makeup brushes are an investment

You can view your expensive brushes as an investment in your quality of life; if you're putting these brushes on your face all the time, why not choose something that feels nice and makes your makeup look good? Plus, while fancy makeup brushes are more expensive, they're also more durable than cheaper options and will last longer, which can ultimately end up saving you money, as Oscar Velazquez exclusively tells us.


Velazquez also offers some expertise on choosing makeup brushes discerningly. He recommends that, in addition to looking for brushes with quality craftsmanship, finding brands that promote diversity and inclusion. "I encourage readers to explore both high-end and affordable brands that are committed to inclusivity and offer a diverse range of brushes suitable for various skin tones and textures," he explains. So, whether your budget is big or small, using brushes that are thoughtfully and intentionally constructed is certainly worth it if you want your makeup to truly stand out.