Sweat-Proof Makeup Is The Name Of The Game This Summer With Our Best Tips

The sun is out, and your makeup is sliding off your face. It's not at all a fun feeling, especially when you spend half an hour of your morning putting on a full face of makeup just to have it smudgy and dirty within the next hour. Whether you've got a full day of work ahead of you or if you're going out into very harsh conditions of sun and sweat, we're sure you want your makeup to stay put. Hence the need for "sweat-proof" makeup. Everybody wants a face of makeup that can last an entire day of summer fun out on the beach and under the sun. And our best tips on how to achieve a face of sweat-proof makeup will be a game changer for you this summer.


From selecting your products wisely, to sandwiching your makeup application with a sweat-proof start and finish, to knowing what to do and what not to do throughout the day, our tips will explain it all.

Giving it the right start

Before the makeup can begin, there are a couple of things that you're required to follow. And the first on the list is cleansing. Summer days are sweaty, and you'll be perspiring even without any makeup on, so to get rid of any dirt, oil, or sweat on your face, use a gentle cleanser. Cleansing will give you a fresh, sweat-free start, meaning you can begin working on a blank canvas.


Once you're done with the cleanser, grab your toner. Your toner is essential in minimizing your pores and controlling your sweat production. It will also give your face a more moisturized and refreshed look. So, do not skip the toner.

Finally, you can move on to the primer. Using a primer before makeup application is a must. Especially if you want a sweat-free makeup look, a primer will act as a layer between your skin and makeup, preventing your sweat from mixing with your makeup. In addition to this intense sweat control, it will also give your skin a smooth look. So, before you put on your foundation or concealer, make sure to use a mattifying lightweight primer.

Using the right products

Using the right products with the correct ingredients is very important when it comes to achieving a look that doesn't sweat. Always go for lightweight formulas which are either water-based or oil-free when it comes to foundations and concealers. We recommend using the ones with a matte finish. They are less likely to do any pilling or clumping when combined with perspiration. Plus, they will allow your skin to breathe.


Your eyelids are a very sweaty region on your face. And during the hot summer days, you will inevitably have sweat collected on your lids. So, in order to avoid a smudged eyeliner and runny mascara situation, make sure you're using both waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

When it comes to buying lipsticks and glosses in the name of sweat-proof makeup, go for liquid lipsticks that are waterproof. The market now offers sweat and smudge-proof lipsticks, so make sure to treat yourself to one this summer.

Applying it the right way

When applying your makeup, there are a couple of things you'll need to adhere to if you need to make it sweat-proof. This list mostly includes the quantities in which you should apply your makeup. The rule is simple, always remember that less is more when it comes to foundations. And always remember to apply your foundation in thin layers. This will allow your skin to absorb it properly instead of creating a non-breathable environment for your sweat glands that'll result in a messy, runny, and smudgy makeup problem.


Another thing to remember is your speed in applying the products. If you're going for a sweat-proof look, we're sure you're using waterproof products. And the thing about waterproof products is that they dry up fast, and after that, you'll have a real hard time trying to change them up. So, you'll have to be quick with erasing away your eyeliner mistakes.

Ending it right

To completely lock out sweat from ruining your makeup, you'll have to give it the right finish. And to do this, you can use a setting spray or a translucent powder. Make sure you're covering your entire face when you're spraying your setting spray. Especially the areas that can get extra sweaty, like your forehead, the T-bone area, and the under-eye area.


When you're setting it with a translucent powder or a pressed powder, you'll be able to give your makeup look a matte finish. In addition to this, your compact powder will come handy when you need to do makeup retouches. So, on these summer days when you are uncertain of a sweaty situation that can turn your makeup smudgy, carrying a solid powder with you will come in handy. How does it work against sweat? Well, it simply absorbs all the sweat and oil from your face and prevents it from making your makeup a runny mess.

The right habits to save your makeup

We can't put locks on our pores and stop ourselves from sweating buckets, but there are a few practices we can do to prevent sweaty days from ruining our makeup.

The first on the list is drinking water. The more hydrated you are, the less you'll sweat. It's as simple as that. This is not a makeup hack, but it will definitely control the excessive sweating that's messing up your makeup from the inside out. For the second habit, we have a do not. Do not touch your face frequently throughout the day. The oil and sweat on your fingertips will transfer to your face and add to the sweaty situation. Plus, you'll be smudging your makeup by touching and rubbing it with your hands. Instead, try using blotting papers to dab away the sweat. Make sure you are patting your face with the sheets and not rubbing, doing this will minimize the shiny look your perspiration has created.


This summer, you can lock in your makeup and protect it from your own sweat by using the right products, laying down the proper base, and giving it the right finish.