Summer 2023 Fashion Trends Ranked By Wearability

Summer 2023 is in full swing, and if you're anything like us, this season has you obsessing over all this year's fashion trends. The fashion scene has been having a throwback moment for a while now, with styles from the '70s, '80s, and '90s making major comebacks, and this summer is no exception. From bright colors and floral patterns to extra denim and even the Y2K's "coconut girl" aesthetic, this summer is full of fashion trends we can't get enough of — but which of them are actually wearable?


Listen, trends may look cute, but that doesn't always mean they're practical or comfy, especially when it comes to summer activities. Summer calls for lightweight clothing, comfy shoes, and maybe a hat — and some offbeat "trends" just aren't cutting it for us this season. If you're wondering which ones to capitalize on and which to leave behind this summer, you're in the right place. Here are 14 summer 2023 fashion trends, ranked from least to most wearable. 

14. Denim on denim

First up, we have the classic double denim trend, which has been on the scene for a while now and is carrying over to the summer. When it comes to double denim, you can really take the trend and run with it — you can pair white denim jeans with a dark denim jacket (or vice versa), or in the summer, wear a denim vest with some shorts. But when it comes down to it, is this trend really practical to wear this summer?


We're saying no, not really. Sure, denim is one of the most versatile fabrics out there, but when it gets hot out, there are fewer fabrics we want to wear than restrictive denim. Denim tends to be a pretty heavy fabric, meaning you're more likely to sweat in it.

And sweating in denim invites chafing, which is no picnic when you're walking around on a hot summer day. So if you're considering jumping on the double denim train this summer, we'd advise staying away unless you're looking at a cooler weather day. 

13. Low-rise waistlines

Low-rise waists are having a comeback, and honestly, we're not entirely sure how to feel about that. Low-rise waistlines can be unsightly and uncomfortable, especially in the summer. On the other hand, a high-waisted skirt or shorts and crop top is simply too good to pass up; but when it comes to low-rise anything, we might stay far away.


A lot of us thought low-rise pants had been vanquished for good, but unfortunately for some, they're seeing a slight resurgence. They're more understandable to wear in cooler months when you can pair them with a long cardigan or sweater, but in the warmer months, you're likely pairing them with a shorter shirt, therefore risking some unnecessary (and probably unwanted) exposure when you sit down.

Not to mention, low-rise bottoms miss out on the tummy-hugging security of high-waisted pants. That's the last thing anyone wants to worry about on vacation, making this summer 2023 trend one we'll be skipping, thank you very much.

12. Metallic everything

Slightly more wearable than denim on denim or low-rise anything is this year's metallic trend. Metallic clothes are taking the forefront, partially due to popular Y2K fashion trends making their way back into the wardrobes of Gen Z fashionistas everywhere. Wearing metallic clothes is a surefire way to get noticed, whether you're on vacation or just spending your day galavanting around town.


Sure, it's as stylish as anything — but is it that wearable? Metallic clothing is fairly wearable as long as you're in the right setting and live in a cooler climate. We don't recommend wearing metallic clothes if you don't want to get attention while you're out and about since it's a seriously eye-catching fashion choice.

Metallic clothing also tends to be made of polyester or aluminum threads, which aren't very breathable. If you wear them when it's hot and humid out, we wouldn't be surprised if you're sweating in an instant. If you still want to hop on the metallic trend, we recommend utilizing it in your accessories; reach for a pair of sunnies or a necklace with a chrome finish for a pop of metallic shine.


11. Platform shoes

Remember the age of the platform shoe? Do you miss it? If so, we have some good news for you: Platform shoes are officially back. If you've always wanted to gain a couple of inches of height, this is probably a trend you've already jumped on. When it comes to wearability, though, are platform shoes really all they're cracked up to be, or are they only good when taking pics for the 'gram?


We don't have a huge problem with platform shoes, but you'll find that they're more wearable on some days than others. For example, on more active days when you'll be doing a lot of walking, platform shoes might not fit the bill.

If you're looking forward to a day of casually strolling around town and stopping at some cafes, on the other hand, platform shoes might be perfect for you. As far as the height they'll give you, don't worry too much about that unless you're on the clumsier side.

10. Mermaidcore

The hype around the release of the new live-action movie "The Little Mermaid" has fans embracing a new mermaidcore trend. Mermaidcore embraces flowing fabrics, shiny sheens, metallic hues, and all the sparkle you can muster. Honestly, we're here for it, and we're ranking it as a fairly wearable summer trend option.


But even though we love the look of it, sometimes it falls a little flat, especially as far as versatility is concerned. When you're glamming it up on vacation, by all means, be as mermaidcore as you desire. Sometimes, though, mermaidcore clothing just isn't practical for everyday wear. With shiny mermaidcore clothing, we face the same issue as metallic clothing — the fabrics are often uncomfortably hot in the summertime.

All the glitz and glam of mermaidcore attire also makes it not the most versatile option for daily wear, and if you don't already have mermaidcore pieces in your closet, you might spend a pretty penny trying to find the perfect pieces. All of this is to say, when mermaidcore makes sense, go for it — just don't feel the need to wear it on the daily.


9. Extra texture

A super hot trend of summer 2023 is texture, texture, texture. More is merrier when it comes to texture, and we're seeing everything from ribbed tanks to fringe dresses. Gone are the days of thin fabrics and basic summer attire. Visual interest is taking the scene, and honestly, when it comes to texture, we love to see it. But how wearable is this trend really (especially during the warmer months)?


Well, it's going to depend on how you choose to flaunt the texture trend. On the one hand, a basic ribbed tank could be the perfect piece to take an everyday outfit from drab to fab. On the other hand, that fringe dress you bought specifically for this trend probably isn't suitable for daily wear.

When it comes to wearing textured clothes, if you want to get good bang for your buck, we recommend sticking to versatile textures and pieces you'd be able to wear often. A full-on fringe dress is less versatile than a fringe tank top, for example. And when it comes to wearing texture in the summer, reach for lighter fabrics like cotton or linen.

8. Sheer everything

Wait, did we just say gone are the days of thin fabrics? Sure, they're out in general, but not when it comes to this next trend. Sheer fabrics have been all the rage recently, and this summer is no exception.


See-through clothing can be modest or a bit cheeky, depending on how you style your outfit, and it's one trend that you'll probably see us jumping on at least a couple of times this season. One place where sheer clothing is nearly always socially appropriate is the beach.

Capitalize on the sheer clothing trend by wearing bikinis under your see-through pieces while you're on vaca, and nobody will think twice about it. If you're a bit more daring, you can embrace sheer pieces the next time you go on a girl's night out and pair it with a bandeau or pair of boy shorts for a hint of modesty. 

7. Coconut girl vibes

If you haven't already jumped on the coconut girl trend, this summer is the perfect time to start. Coconut girl fashion takes us back to the early aughts, a time when Hawaiian florals, bright neon hues, and kitschy patterns were all the rage. If you can picture it in a beach souvenir shop, chances are, it'll fit well into the coconut girl aesthetic. And as far as wearability goes, this trend tends to hold up.


The only issue with the coconut girl aesthetic? It might look out of place if you're not actively on a beach vacation. Coconut girl vibes are best displayed in tropical locales, and you might find that they just don't jive with your hometown suburb or city.

When you're on vacation, though, we think you should go full coconut girl. Grab a Hawaiian printed bikini in your favorite bright colors and pair it with some hand-woven friendship bracelets and a baseball cap or a sun hat. If you can find a coconut to drink out of, more power to you.  

6. Bright white pants

White clothing (especially white denim) is a year-round staple now. Goodbye, "no white after Labor Day" rule! And the summer months are the perfect time to explore the trend. More so than other pieces of clothing, white pants have taken center stage this year, and we love to see it. White pants can be worn with practically anything, making them a great piece to pair with whatever bright shirt you've been itching to wear. 


We have only one issue with white pants: stains. While white pants look stunning when they're actually white, they can be difficult summer pieces purely because they're likely to pick up dirt and stains the more time you spend outside.

Stains can make an eyesore out of an otherwise chic ensemble, which is the last thing you want if you'll be spending the day out and about. This makes white pants a fairly risky fashion choice. If you're mess-prone, you may want to stay away from this trend or at least bring along an alternate pair in case of spills. 

5. Floral explosions

This summer is all about florals, florals, florals. We love a good floral, and the fact that bright colors are also trending this summer is just icing on the cake. We're loving the floral trend because of its incredible versatility.


If big, bold flower patterns are your thing, it won't be hard to find pieces you'll swoon over. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more subtle and down-to-earth, there's an abundance of smaller floral patterns to suit your liking. How you flaunt your florals is really up to you. Make it cottagecore by pairing a long, flowing, floral-patterned dress with a homemade wildflower crown. 

Take it up a notch when you wear a matching floral set (like the one pictured above) to your next event. Or, let florals fit your daily wear by finding a floral printed maxi skirt or a simple floral blouse. Bonus points if you have floral accessories to add to your ensemble. 

4. All the bright colors

If there's one trend we're obsessing over this summer, it's big, bold outfits in colors that'll have passers-by reaching for their sunglasses. Bright colors are sure to get you noticed in only the best of ways. Plus, color-coordinating has become a thing of the past recently, and hardly anyone would bat an eye at you wearing purple and orange together. This trend is pretty wearable, but as with all trends, it falls slightly short in some areas.


First, when you're infusing color into your wardrobe, making outfits can be difficult, to say the least. Sure, you don't need to make your 'fits monochrome, but some color combos definitely hit better than others. If you need some help in this regard, pay less attention to which colors you're wearing and more attention to the color families of the pieces you're working with. Neons pair well with other neons, pastels with pastels, and jewel tones with jewel tones.

Aside from that, our only issue is that outfits that pack a punch will often require more fabric — namely, you'll be wearing pants more than shorts, which can be hard if you live in super hot climates. When it comes to bright, bold colors, though, at the end of the day, we say go for it. 


3. Cutouts galore

One of the most wearable (and versatile, in our opinion) summer 2023 fashion trends is the cutout trend. We're seeing cutouts in everything, from dresses like the one pictured above to shirts and even pants. Maxi skirts often have the ever-so-popular side slit, and it can even be hard to find a full-coverage bathing suit nowadays.


Sure, cutouts have some drawbacks, but as a whole, we're here for the cutout trend. Probably most obviously, cutouts provide a welcome breeze on hot days. They can lead to some awkward tan lines if you're spending all day in the sun, though, which is something to watch out for.

If you're taking your cutout 'fit from day to night, you may want to bring a sweater in case it gets chilly. Aside from that, we love the cutout trend. It's ultra-wearable for nearly any occasion (depending on the exact piece you're wearing, of course) and always makes for a fashion-forward look. 

2. Belly-baring crop tops

Crop tops have been on the scene for a while, and personally, we're glad they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We love a good crop top moment, especially when paired with something high-waisted on the bottom (again, low-waisted jeans can go right back to the '90s).


Plus, with the rise of body positivity on social media over the past few years, we're seeing more figures than ever embrace crop tops (yay!), making them a crazy wearable trend this summer for everyone. Want help styling your favorite crop tops? Pair them with high or medium-waisted bottoms to give yourself a natural hourglass silhouette.

Simple cotton ribbed crop tops are great for daily wear, while a sparkly or otherwise embellished crop top would look stunning on a night out. Keep your crop tops form-fitting and pair them with a baggy sweater on chilly days for a cute and casual look, and capitalize on looser crop tops when you're facing a more active day. 

1. Flowing maxi skirts

Coming in at our most wearable piece of the season is the long, flowing, effortlessly easy-to-style maxi skirt. We're seeing a resurgence of the maxi skirt this summer, and we're fairly obsessed. Frankly, the downsides of maxi skirts are few and far between. Actually, we can only think of one: thigh chafing. But that can be taken care of with a pair of comfy biker shorts (stick deodorant will also do the trick just fine).


Maxi skirts are the epitome of summer comfort wear. Whether your favorite maxi skirt is solid colored or patterned, it's easy to style with a neutral shirt or a shirt that showcases one of your skirt's colors. Flowing maxi skirts are ridiculously comfortable and breezy, helping to minimize sweat and still keep you covered on the hottest of days.

Wear them with whatever shoes your day's activities call for — everyone will be too busy complimenting your stunning skirt to notice your shoe choice, anyway. And on the days when you want to glam it up, your maxi skirt is still there for you, faithful as ever.