Can How You Cut Your Wedding Cake Predict If You Stay Together? Some Pros Think So

The only thing that trumps celebratory wedding meals is a wedding cake — the confectionary chef-d'œuvre with an established tradition dating back to the Medieval times. Like vow exchange and the first kiss, and dance as a couple, the cutting of the cake is a time-honored tradition laced with symbolism. 

A wedding cake used to consist of wheat, symbolizing prosperity and fertility, and it is believed that cutting the cake indicated the pair's shared destiny as husband and wife and their willingness to share everything together, including food, according to Blackstock Country Estate. But the profound belief behind the act doesn't end there. Couples are not recommended to smash their cake, as per a cake-cutting theory going viral on TikTok. After all, it can seal the fate of their marriage. While it may sound like a superstition, some experts believe it's not just a coincidence. Let's check out this theory to understand why you're hearing the guests make ho-hums when a couple smashes their cake.

A cake smash may not be a good idea

The theory was brought on by TikTok user Professor Neil. He had asked a wedding photographer whether all the cake-sharing moments he had captured on people's big day had given him any insights. "He told me that if the couples, especially the husband, smashed cake in their partner's face, they were gonna be divorced within a year," explains Professor Neil. "And while I can't find any stats that back this claim up, it does seem to be the consensus of folks in the wedding industry that this is, in fact, true." 

Professor Neil came across opinions from several on a Reddit thread that acquired over 6,000 comments. In response to whether photographers and videographers have developed an uncanny knack for predicting the fate of a marriage, a wedding photographer, who goes by the username Kylesford, replied, "Photographer here. I swear that all of the couples that have split up have smashed the cake in their [significant other's] face. None of the nice cake couples have. Just my weird anecdotal experience. Maybe it's a sign of respect for each other." 

Lack of respect aside, if you're superstitious, you'll agree that food fights, just like any fight, can doom a couple to a life of arguments. Besides, wasting thoughtfully made edible art is a serious food crime.

Cake smash can be dangerous

Although this theory is purely anecdotal, many TikTok users in the comment section agreed. A fellow TikTok user, who goes by Hannah, doesn't attest to the theory, but her personal experience said it all, "My ex-husband smashed cake in my face. I cried in the bathroom. We've now been divorced longer than we were together [in] total." 

"It's because it's just one sign of putting your enjoyment before your partner's and not listening to boundaries that will just escalate with time," explains, Navet, another social media user. 

The cake smash may appear to be genuinely playful, but from what we've lately learned from both experts and insiders thus far, smashing is never a good idea. It may even be dangerous, seeing as cakes with multiple tiers are often placed together with skewers or kebab sticks in the center to prevent them from tipping over during delivery. You might inflict serious injuries on a person's face when you smash it into a cake. 

At the end of the day, the link between cake cutting and your marriage is not so much a superstition as it is an observation. It's up to you to decide how you want to dive into your own wedding cake. But if you decide to do the cake smash, make sure that all parties are on board and that there are no risks involved.