Josee Ng

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Saigon, Vietnam
Beijing Chinese Language And Culture College, Southern Cross University, University Of Toronto School Of Continuing Studies
Styling Tips, Skincare Hacks, Personal Finance
  • In 2019, Josee was the first writer for the Vietnam branch of The Smart Local, a franchise of travel and tourism sites stationed throughout Asia. The next year, she won the TSL Regional Awards: Individual Performer of the Year award due to her work for the site.
  • As someone with acne-prone skin, Josee finds a minimal skincare routine —- such as cleansing with a mild cleanser like Cetaphil, moisturizing, and slathering up with sunscreen, plus minimal makeup —- does wonders in reducing breakouts, and she thinks everyone should find the skincare routine that works best for them.
  • Before making the switch to writing, Josee was a real estate agent. In 2017, she was quoted as a real estate expert on an article published on South China Morning Post about Vietnam's fast-growing real estate market.


Josee Ng has worked as a full-time writer for over three years. She began her writing career at The Smart Local (TSL), covering breaking news and writing on a wide range of lifestyle topics including food, travel, movies, health, and urban legends. Over the course of her work, she also had the opportunity to conduct interviews and pen profile pieces on people from different walks of life, including a Covid-19 frontliner, an international dancesport champion/retired ballroom dancer, and an real estate expert.


Josee majored in Mandarin Chinese in high school. She holds bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Southern Cross University in Australia and a certificate in Multimedia Journalism from University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

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