Why You Should Avoid Plucking Your Eyebrows Between Waxing Appointments

There are various ways to keep your eyebrow game strong, but for many people, waxing is the most convenient and effective way to tame bushy brow hair long-term. Not only does eyebrow waxing boast a longer regrowth period, but the hair that grows back looks (and feels) thinner and finer, per Kim Gallo Esthetics. Although you can go the DIY route and wax your own brows with store-bought tools, waxing has a steep learning curve. It's always wiser to leave it to the pros. They know how to outline your brows with utmost precision, trim your brows to desired lengths, and make sure the wax doesn't take off your skin. 

Depending on individual needs, some people can go for three to four weeks without waxing appointments. Since bushy eyebrows have an immediate impact on our overall aesthetics, most of us don't have a problem with being punctual for waxing appointments. The predicament that we usually find ourselves in is when stray brow hairs start cropping up before our next waxing appointment. Anyone in this situation would be tempted to reach for the tweezer and pluck off the stray hairs. However, most brow artists will tell you tweezing between waxing appointments is a terrible decision. You might think it helps give your eyebrow a cleaner look, but it's actually throwing a monkey wrench in your brow goals. Here's why.  

Tweezing between waxes can mess with your hair cycle

According to Le Salon, plucking around your waxed brows can mess with the growth pattern and compromise the result of the previous waxed work. Behind every pair of eyebrows waxed to perfection is a great amount of calculation and elbow grease. It takes work to outline a brow shape that complements your other facial features. Your amateur work can run counter to the lines and texture created by your brow artist, which can result in your eyebrows looking uneven. This will likely call for a complete rework in your follow-up appointment. 

When you're desperate and you have a tweezer in your hand, it's easy to get carried away and lose sight of the original shape. You might end up plucking more hair than you should or worse, chopping down the hairs that are crucial to the shape of your eyebrows. "Tweezing a few unibrow hairs is fine, but after the initial brow shaping, every hair is accounted for," aesthetician and founder of Brow Down Studio, René de la Garza, tells Allure.

Besides, every good waxer will schedule their client's waxing routine around their hair growth cycle to achieve less hair regrowth, Urban Waxx explains. By removing unwanted hair before your scheduled appointment, you run the risk of encouraging hair growth and decreasing the effectiveness of your waxing procedure. The same can be said for shaving. Even when your brows are covered in stray hairs, you should leave them alone.

How to keep your eyebrows on fleek between waxing appointments

One good way to conceal bushy brow hair regrowth is with makeup, according to Le Salon. You can use concealer below your brow to gloss over excess hairs while giving it a more defined shape. Then, brush your brows with brow gel to give them a neat, feathered look. Then, fill in the sparse spots with a pencil or some eyebrow powder. Even when makeup alone doesn't solve your problem, it can help you pinpoint the desired shape of your eyebrow. Now, you can use a tweezer to remove stray hairs that do not belong in the shape. 

Be that as it may, you should only grab the tweezer as the last resort. Your eyebrow hairs must grow to a sufficient length before they can be stripped off, so it's recommended to wait until your stray brow hairs have fully grown before getting them waxed. The more hair you have at the time of waxing, the easier it is for the brow artist to pull it from the root and style the brow. For this reason, WaxZone recommends not tweezing or trimming your brows for at least two weeks before your waxing treatment.  

Waxing is a great way to groom the brow area to power up your face. However, it's not without commitment. As long as you can stick to your waxing routine and go cold turkey on tweezers, your perfect eyebrows are just a wax away.