Coral Glazed Nails: The Barbie-Adjacent Trend Warming Up Manicures This Summer

Bright colors can be super beautiful and eye-catching, especially with our nails. It can make everything feel more daring, and bring that pop that we all know and love. However, even with a bright-colored manicure, sometimes we need an extra pop to rev up our nails. Coral glaze nails are a beautiful way to create gorgeous beachy nails, that will surely stand out from the crowd.

Coral glaze nails are super easy to achieve by just picking the nail polish you want and just adding a chrome powder on top of it for a beautiful metallic look. While it might not be the pairing you thought to bring to your nail technician, coral, and chrome is a match made in manicure heaven. Not only can anyone rock this color, but it can be done in a myriad of ways. We at Glam have curated a few simple ways to create the best coral glazed nails for anybody no matter what your style is.

Keep it short

If you are someone who loves a simple manicure, consider adding coral glazed nails to a short set. The chrome will glimmer in the light and catch the attention of many without overpowering your hands. You can use your natural nail, or have your nail technician add a small tip, to create the shape you desire.

Add a cute design

Designs are a great way to show off your personality through your nails. After your nail technician is done with adding the chrome to your nails, have her paint on a few designs of your choosing. While we love the rainbows, you can also do hearts, stars, or even make it abstract if you would like.

We love silver glitter

Chrome is already a great touch, but why stop there? Our possibility for our nails is endless and we can never have enough shine. Simply ask your nail technician for a glitter top coat after applying the chrome to your nails, to get the look you desire.

Mix and match

Don't feel limited to just one color. The great thing about coral glazed nails is that you can use multiple colors and designs to create the bright and playful manicure inspo we all know and love. For a fun look, stick to the same color family of corals to stay on theme.

Consider a cute ombré

There is something about ombré nails that are both timeless and fun. While the classic way to do this is by creating a pink-to-ombré gradient, it's easy to use the coral glazed nails to create an interesting twist on things. All you have to do is add a coral color to a pink gradient and then top it off with the chrome.

Gemstones are a girl's best friend

There is no better way to upgrade your nails than to add a few gemstones. These little add-ons are great because you can add a few or go crazy and make different shapes or designs based on your taste. When it comes to gems, it's great to give your nail technician a reference photo to show your preferences.