Purple Concealer: What Does It Do & How Can You Use It Right?

We've all heard the wonders and benefits of having color-correcting concealers. Many makeup fans swear by the product and claim that it's the best way of achieving a flawless application. With so many colors serving similar and different causes, it's easy to get confused over the purpose of each color corrector. The truth is that color correctors can help cancel out some of your more overwhelming skin issues, helping to create an even base to work with. One of the most popular colors is lavender or purple.


A purple concealer is a useful tool that can help reduce some of the skin issues you may struggle to hide using your typical concealer. When used properly, purple concealer can help create an even skin tone and texture for your foundation and the rest of your makeup. Creating an even base is key if you want a close-to-perfect makeup application. With the help of a purple concealer, you can get closer to a flawless look that will keep you restocking it every single time.

What does purple concealer do?

It can be a little strange at first to pick up a purple concealer and expect it to help conceal anything underneath your makeup. However, don't get overwhelmed by the color; the purple color-correcting concealer is actually the perfect tool to give your skin an extra boost.


The purple color concealer is perfect for those looking to cancel out yellow undertones. Known for its brightening ability and being able to help liven up a dull complexion, many makeup lovers have reached for purple setting powders for the same effect. Helping even out yellow and sallow skin, purple concealer is perfect for those who may have lost their natural glowing complexion. If you also struggle with discoloration or hyperpigmentation, a purple concealer can help neutralize these issues for you.

Neutralizing these yellow or discolored spots can give your skin an even complexion before you apply foundation.

How do you use a purple concealer?

Even if you're a makeup novice, getting a flawless purple concealer application is possible with just a few easy steps.

The most important part to remember when applying purple concealer is to start with a thin layer and take your time working your way up. You want to avoid overapplying your color corrector as this can affect the even skin tone and texture you initially wanted. Instead, you'll end up with one intense application of color in one spot. Work your way up and start with a thin layer under which you've been able to successfully neutralize the area.


Using a beauty sponge or your fingers, you want to pat the color corrector into place to avoid any streaks or creases. Patting the product into place will allow it to better target the area, as well as blend into it seamlessly. Even though some spots will be easier to conceal than others, a purple concealer can help cover up some of the more apparent issues you want to be covered in a flash.