5 Benefits Of Volunteering At Events (Hello, Free Concert Tickets & Mental Stimulation)

Giving back to others ranks among the most fulfilling things you can do to enhance your life. Doing so doesn't always have to mean giving in terms of money or goods. Time is an equally precious gift you can give to others. While this can take many forms, volunteering at events is one great example.


If you have any particular interests that you like to explore and are fascinated by, it might be a great idea to find events based around this interest and volunteer to help out. For example, if you love music, consider volunteering at a local gig or even something bigger, like a music festival. Although it might sound like signing up for unpaid work, volunteering at events comes with many benefits. From getting free stuff to meeting new people that are interested in the same things you are, it can be a rewarding and sometimes life-changing experience.

Free stuff

Of course, the number one perk that comes with volunteering at events is all the free goodies that might come your way. If you volunteer at a music festival, for example, you'll likely receiveĀ free tickets and access to VIP spaces. This will not only save you a ton of money but also open up cool opportunities. Attending an event usually comes with a lot of added expenses apart from the entrance fee, but volunteering can potentially help you save on or even avoid some of those added expenses, such as food and lodging. It's a terrific way to enjoy an experience you might not otherwise be able to afford.


You could even try asking your friends or family to sign up with you. That way, you can all enjoy the perks of volunteering while spending time with each other. However, this still means you do have to do the work assigned to you and not slack off, as tempting as that may be. Volunteering at an event is a serious commitment and mustn't be used only as a way to gain all the benefits.

Meet new people

Opting to volunteer at an event is also a tried and true method forĀ meeting new people. In today's digital age, meeting new people with the same interests as you can sometimes be challenging. Volunteering at events you are genuinely excited about is an excellent way to introduce yourself to like-minded individuals who you probably share a lot in common with. Sharing common interests with new friends as you grow and change is an important aspect of adulthood and must not be neglected.


Often, the friends you grow up with tend to change and become their own person, as will you. This can sometimes mean you drift apart and are left with a lack of companionship in your life. Creating new and lasting relationships is the perfect remedy for this situation.

Additionally, meeting a wide range of people is essential to gaining a better understanding of life. The more people you meet, the more experience you'll have with all different types of people. These experiences are what will shape how you interact with others and help you relate to other people better. This can be fulfilling not only for you but for others in your life as well.

Develop your people skills

Meeting and interacting with people from volunteering at events is also a brilliant way to polish up your people skills. Having good people skills is integral and will benefit in almost every aspect of your life. The skill will help you gain a better understanding of other people, and you'll be able to gauge where someone is coming from in any given situation. Whether it's at work, family life, or romantic relationships, this is one skill that will bring you a lot of fulfillment.


It enables you to interact with others better and avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. This will, in turn, make you a more pleasant person to be around and work with. When you volunteer at events, you are likely to brush shoulders with a lot of people, most of whom you likely haven't met before. It's these kinds of experiences that will enhance your people skills without you even realizing it.

Mental health benefits

Additionally, another proven benefit to volunteering is all the great effects it has on your mental health. Susan Albers, a qualified psychologist, told Cleveland Clinic that volunteering "has been shown to decrease stress levels, depression, anxiety and boost your overall health and satisfaction with life." According to Dr. Albers, "When you help other people, it activates the reward center in your brain and releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins." Now, isn't that a good enough reason to volunteer at a nearby event?


Of course, mental health is a part of your life that deserves plenty of attention and careful monitoring. Actively doing things that improve it can enhance the quality of your life and make you a happier person. It's also no secret that a lot of our lifestyles in the 21st century take a toll on us. This is why we need to pay extra attention to ways that can improve our mental health, enabling us to maximize our performance in all other aspects of life.

Goodbye comfort zone

Last but certainly not least, volunteering at an event can get you out of your comfort zone, especially if you've not done so in the past. Experimenting with activities you've never tried before has numerous benefits and will help better shape your personality. For example, it'll help you become a more resilient person because you will have overcome the fear of doing and trying new things. It'll also give you a lot more confidence in yourself and ease your nerves. Having self-confidence is, of course, a key aspect of how well you perform in almost all areas of life, and if stepping out of your comfort zone provides you the needed boost, you should consider it.


Leaving your comfort zone, after all, is all about consciously pushing yourself to try uncomfortable things. By doing so, you make yourself a more adaptable person and likely better able to face new challenges.