Sarongs: The Style You'll Be Wearing Both On & Off The Beach This Summer

If you want to indulge in the kind of stylish summer trends that are sizzling during the sunnier season, then you definitely need to add a few sarongs to your wardrobe. Not only are they a fabulous way to cover up your swimsuit when needed, but they can also be styled to wear as a chic summertime outfit that can suit both day and night. That's why Natasha Oakley, CEO and co-founder of Monday Swimwear, told InStyle, "The sarong is the ultimate staple beachwear piece every girl needs in her closet this summer."

Of course, the popularity of the sarong is, in part, thanks to the fact that it's not only comfortable but can also be so stylish and super-versatile. Oakley explained, "When styled to its full potential, the sarong can serve as a halter top, tube top, skirt, miniskirt, and head wrap. It's been a classic in the beachwear category for as long as we can remember for a reason, and that's because it's chic, timeless, and will elevate any swimsuit."

That's also why you can opt to pop on a sarong even if you don't have a swimsuit on underneath and have no plans to head to the waterside. In fact, there are various ways that you can style this item in order to wear it both on and off the beach.

Short sarong with a two-piece

You can opt to wear a sarong in a classic way by pairing it with your swimwear. By slipping a relatively short sarong on with a two-piece bathing suit, you can give yourself a little more coverage when you're not in the water. It's also quick and easy to pop on and off when needed while also keeping your beachy look casual yet put together. The piece seen here is both colorful and somewhat sheer, which makes it lightweight and perfect for a day out in the sun.

Long sarong with a one-piece

Just because it's summer, that doesn't mean you have to leave your love of dark and dramatic pieces behind. Instead, you can slide on a sleek black one-piece swimsuit as well as a long sarong that's the same fabulous and flattering shade. Although the ensemble seen here may seem simple at first, the trendy cut-outs around the midsection are chic and contemporary. Finish off the look with sunglasses and sandals that stick with the black theme, and you're ready for the day.

Long sarong with a tank-top

Grab a long ankle-length sarong that boasts a rich shade and an equally stunning pattern to be the base of your next summer outfit. Wear the piece with a tank top in a solid complementary shade for a look that works for a casual lunch date and an afternoon by the water. This option is also a great choice if you want to keep the sun off your legs but still need to keep cool. That's exactly what a lengthy, light, and airy sarong will do for you.

Long sarong with a crop-top

You don't have to take a single step onto the beach in order to slay this look. The deep rusty-red sarong is printed with a gorgeous Polynesian design that provides this ensemble with all the visual interest it needs. That's why it can be paired with a simple black crop top. A style that could be worn alone for a daytime outfit, you could add a few accessories — like bold bangles, eye-catching earrings, or a striking necklace — to turn it into something you can wear out at night to a fun dinner or club.

Long sarong as a wrap-dress

Take a long sarong that you might normally wear around your waist and slide it up until it sits on your chest. Tie the piece in the front using a simple knot while leaving the ends loose to hang down, and you've nailed this stylish way to transform the item into what may be your new favorite summer dress. Something that can still be worn over a swimsuit could also be a great outfit when you're away from the beach if it's not too see-through (unless that's the look you're going for, of course).

Long sarong as a halter-dress

If the idea of turning your sarong into a dress has piqued your fashion-loving interest, you might want to try wearing one by creating a halter-style neck. First, make sure that you have a sarong that is long enough and wide enough to comfortably wrap around you. Next, use two corners of the fabric to create the halter shape and tie it behind your neck. If you want to make the piece more secure, add a pin or belt to keep it closed in the front.

Medium-length sarong daytime look

You can put together a casual daytime look by pairing your favorite sarong with a few other key pieces. An eye-catching tanktop can be the base of the ensemble by providing the main visual interest. Pop on a lightweight jacket that matches one or two of the colors of your top and either pin your sarong closed or add fitted shorts underneath if you don't want to worry about it slipping open, it happens to be sheer, or you simply want to be able to quickly change up your look by taking off the sarong.

Long sarong evening look

A sarong can also be a part of your evening outfit if styled just the right way. All you need to do is treat it the same as you would a skirt. That means choosing a shirt that complements the sarong and adding an extra layer or two that will keep you looking good and feeling great as the day turns into night. That may be a sweater or jacket that you can throw on if it starts to get cooler. Finally, include a few extra accessories that will suit an evening out.