Daring Lace Cutouts Are Bringing Risqué Off The Runway This Summer

Some fabrics always seem to be in style, and this group includes fashionable lace. In fact, lace is at the forefront of TikTok fashion this year. Of course, you can keep things chic by opting for modern ways to wear lace, such as a part of daring cutouts. When it comes to the material itself, fashion stylist Audree Kate López told Glamour that sheer fabrics are a trendy choice at the moment, saying, "We saw a lot of this pop up in 2022, and it will continue in 2023 with the lace trend, rhinestones, and sheer panels in clothing."

If you love the idea of both lace and sheer panels, then you'll likely adore combining the two with the help of lace cutouts. Although you might assume that this is a refined style, there are plenty of ways to put a risqué spin on this look. You might also be interested in options that use a lot of lace and others that only use hints here or there as well as designs that are upfront and unmissable not to mention others that are a little more elusive.

Whether you're into flashy and formal or subtle and casual, we'll show you various ways to slay this style during the summer months when the weather is hot so that your wardrobe will be even hotter.

Modern boho lace cutouts

If you love embracing a boho-chic style, then your vibe may already perfectly suit lace cutouts. The lovely weaving of the gentle material works well with the artistically appreciative aesthetic. On top of that, this look has been created with green lace for a dress in the same summery shade. The band of lace around the midsection of the piece offers the dress just the right amount of flair around the chest, while a larger section further down truly shows off what kind of gorgeous designs you can achieve with lace.

Vintage-inspired lace cutouts

Lace has been a beloved part of fashion for ages, which is why you'll often see it on vintage outfits or pieces that are inspired by older items. Just take a peek at this stunning black dress that features puffy sleeves and fitted cuffs as well as a neatly folded collar and full skirt. Granted, it's the countless small circular cutouts that make this dress so unique. That's not to mention the area around the middle that boasts a row of larger circles and delicate spiderweb-like lace.

Outside layer lace cutouts

When it comes to this trendy summer style, lace is often sewn into or placed under another material to achieve a particular effect. However, this dress does the opposite. Instead, it uses a solid piece with lace on top. The outer layer features both larger woven floral patches along with intertwining lace sections that fill the cutouts between the fabric in an almost haphazard manner. An easy way to give your ensemble an added touch of glamour, it's also a little edgy, which might be the perfect combination for you.

Dramatic lace cutouts

This dress definitely has the kind of daring lace cutouts that will make a stylish statement. Your eye will surely immediately be drawn to the center section, which dives deep and leaves much of the chest bare. The design is then taken to the next level with full-length lace sleeves as well as a line of lace that reaches from the hips down the leg and fills the cutout on each side. Fabulously risky if you leave it like this, you could also add a nude fabric beneath it if you're feeling a little more modest.

Subtle lace cutouts

Although lace cutouts can be a major aspect of an item's design, they can also be more of an addition as opposed to a main factor. For instance, this shirt starts off by using black fabric with an intricate white pattern. It then adds another level of visual interest with the lace that's been included on the back of the piece. While featuring a thicker panel of lace in the center as well as two extra sections on the sides that are more sheer, the result is subtle but absolutely lovely.

V-neck lining lace cutouts

Jumpers may have been something that you wore as a child; however, they've definitely made a comeback with enviable adult offerings. The one seen above shows you just how fabulous a jumper can be thanks to the basic black item that's been given a chic twist with the help of a V-neck cutout that's so deep it reaches down to the belly. The cutout has then been lined with white lace that has a bit of an antique look, which creates a contrast with both the color and the style.

Peek-a-boo lace cutout sleeves

It's totally understandable why a top like this would become a favorite thanks to the lace that can be spotted on the long sleeves. Just below the elbow but well above the wrists, it will still provide you with plenty of coverage. Of course, it will also provide you with just the right amount of flair. Either wear the top on its own so that the sleeves can easily be seen or add a scarf and light jacket with shorter sleeves that give you an occasional glimpse at the lace.

Animal-shaped lace cutouts

Although the lace details may be the thing that usually stands out with these designs, you can't deny that these animal-shaped cutouts also catch your eye. With grassy images along what appear to be leaping antelopes, each clearly defined section has been filled with the lightest lace. Although this is actually the top part of a vintage black crepe dress from the 1930s, it would look incredible when worn to work (if you're employed somewhere that appreciates fine fashion) or during a contemporary night out on the town.

Skull-shaped lace cutout

The glam ghoul aesthetic may be just the kind of goth revival you've been waiting for, or you might have been loyal to a spooky vintage vibe for years. Either way, lace is an ideal material for the style due to its extravagant designs and dark hints. Although Victorian-like pieces and modern industrial items would definitely work well with this look, you could be even more blatant with the dramatic style by wearing a dress that boasts a lace cutout on the back in the shape of a massive, smiling skull.