The TikTok Concealer Hack To Try For A Faux Face Lift

The right makeup application can completely transform your face, and sometimes all it takes is one product. Most folks these days are already familiar with the basic tenets of face contouring: Use a dark shade to enhance depth and a bright shade to highlight features. But while contouring your face is a beloved technique for a reason, it's not the only way to get a lifted, sculpted look. If you want to get that face lift effect without having to deal with multiple products and excessive blending, it's time to turn to a simple concealer hack.

TikTok makeup techniques have brought concealer to the forefront as a major asset in your beauty toolkit, especially when it comes to contouring shortcuts. With any ordinary concealer, you can quickly lift and brighten your facial features. This easy TikTok hack will make doing your everyday makeup easier and more efficient, all while giving you amazing, glamorous results. You simply need to follow a particular outline on your face with the concealer, blend the look, and then sit back and enjoy your results. 

How to use concealer for a faux face lift

If you want to try a concealer face lift technique that's simple and effective, TikTok user @sarah_wolak has the perfect demonstration for applying concealer in one fluid motion. Prep your face with foundation, and then go in with your concealer. The secret to this technique is to apply your concealer in a single continuous line along all the areas that need to be brightened, instead of in a series of lines or dots. 

Apply concealer to the outer corner of your eye, and continue the line of concealer along the curve of your under-eye area, down the side of your nose, and around your nostril. Then bring the concealer in below the nose and out along the curve of the upper lip.

Next, draw the concealer line from the corner of the lip back to the joint of the jaw, near the ear. This upward curved line frames your cheekbone and will be key for creating a lifted look. Finally, draw concealer below your lower lip and down the center of your chin. Repeat the entire line on the other side of your face, and blend everything out, being careful to maintain the upward curve of the lines on your cheeks. Wolak uses both a brush and a sponge for blending, but if you only have one or the other, that will work just fine. Set the look with powder and presto: Your face is lifted. 

Tips for mastering a concealer face lift

For this hack, think of your concealer as a brightening tool that can frame all of your important features. The concealer adds light and life to your under-eye area, nose, and lips, and raises the perceived height of your cheekbones. Using a continuous outline keeps the effect concentrated along the natural curves of your face. Make sure you begin with a primer that will hydrate your skin and prevent the concealer from sliding around on your face, or looking patchy. 

The effectiveness of the faux face lift hack also depends on the concealer you use. Note that in Sarah Wolak's videos, she uses the popular Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Multi-User Concealer (the best hydrating concealer of the 2023 Glam Beauty Awards), which has a thick application sponge for creating those wide sculpting lines across your face. Wolak uses a concealer shade that's only slightly lighter than her skin to create a subtle look. If you want your faux face lift to be more dramatic, opt for a brightening concealer in an extra light shade. The finish of your concealer also has an impact — for a radiant lift that stays glowing throughout the day, look for a moisturizing concealer, such as the e.l.f Hydrating Camo Concealer.

Concealer techniques don't have to be complicated; by simply framing your features with concealer, you can make your entire face look more refreshed, sans expensive face lift.