TikTok's Newest Concealer Hack Brings Your Lightweight Makeup Dreams To Life

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Good news for those who are over cakey makeup: BeautyTok has blessed us with a simple concealer hack that can replace your standard makeup routine and remove the need for excessive products. TikTok user @seewyen's video takes the no-makeup look to the next level by forgoing foundation for a lightweight alternative that still provides coverage. 


A foundation-free look not only speeds up your daily routine but also leaves you with a bare-faced feel when you don't want to wear thick layers of makeup, including on those warm summer days and rushed early mornings. And unlike sheer or dewy foundations, a high-quality concealer will provide ample coverage to cover blemishes and an uneven skin tone so you still feel put together when you leave the house. 

According to the video, this concealer trick requires specific placement of your concealer and a seamless blending technique. To pull off this look, all you need to do is apply concealer to four areas: your forehead, under-eye area, cheeks, and chin.

Start with primer

To pull off this concealer hack, start by creating a seamless base. Starting with a healthy base is central to this lightweight routine as it does not rely on a foundation for additional coverage, so ensure your skin is primed for product. As Claire Talks Beauty explains, concealer can separate on skin that is too dry or too oily, so it's vital to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition. 


Carry out your regular pre-makeup skincare routine on clean skin, then follow up with your favorite primer, which will help your concealer adhere to the skin. Primers also help minimize the appearance of large pores and often contain ingredients that control excess sebum production, which works wonders for those with acne-prone skin, per NYX Professional Makeup. On the other hand, if you experience dryness, then look for a primer with hydrating ingredients to prevent flaking underneath your makeup. You can even find a primer for redness and sensitivity to help even out your skin tone.

It's time for concealer

After your skin prep, apply a generous swipe of medium or full-coverage concealer to your forehead and upper nose with a high-precision concealer brush. Next, apply your concealer to your under-eye area in an inverted triangle shape, from the crease of your nostrils down to the corner of your lip, and then up along the natural curve of your cheekbone. Lastly, apply a thin, angled stripe up the sides of your chin. Once you've applied your concealer, use a blending brush to buffer the product into the skin and spread it outward for a subtle finish. 


Feel free to spot conceal if you require extra coverage on stubborn blemishes or redness. Try to apply a minimal amount of product to keep it lightweight as the goal is to enhance the skin, as opposed to using layers of concealer in place of your foundation.

The placement of concealer in these four specific regions of the face provides decent coverage on problem areas while still complementing your natural skin, allowing it to shine through underneath the concealer. As a result, this creates the appearance of a flawless complexion without heaps of product.

It's not the best hack for all face shapes

This TikTok hack softens your features, which works against those with oval or round face shapes. If you have less-defined bone structure, you can still use concealer in the place of foundation, but it will help to add some depth with a few extra products. Applying bronzer or contour will bring definition back to your face. 


After blending in the concealer, go in with a cool-toned contour to sculpt your cheekbones, using a powder rather than a heavier cream if you want to keep up the barely-there makeup look. Ipsy explains that powder contour is more buildable and easier to blend, so this should be your go-to for the natural lines of your cheekbones and sides of your forehead. You could also add a warm bronzer for sun-kissed skin. Charlotte Tilbury recommends applying bronzer to your cheekbones, temples, and jawline to increase your overall glow. If you really want to preserve the no-makeup look, your best bet would be to opt for either contour or bronzer rather than both. 

This simple concealer hack proves that you do not need flawless skin to pull off minimal makeup. All you need is a killer skincare routine and intentional product placement.