Hot Girl Walk Mistakes That Could Be Making Your Routine Less Fun Or Effective

You may have heard the term hot girl walk, but you might not know what that means or how it's different from a regular walk. In fact, you might be taking hot girl walks all the time without realizing it! Really, it's pretty straightforward. A hot girl walk is just like any other walk, except you aim to walk at least four miles. And, throughout your walk, you focus on three things: what you're grateful for, your goals, and how you plan to achieve them, according to Mia Lind, who posted the very first #hotgirlwalk video on TikTok in January 2021 (via CBS News).

Of course, you don't always have to be super strict about walking four miles all at once or thinking about gratitude and goals. These are simply guidelines that can help you start looking at your physical and mental health differently. The hot girl walk is all about making exercise feel less intimidating and maybe even having fun while getting some fitness in for the day.

Whether the most important things to you involve getting dressed up in a cute outfit before you go out or making sure you have an awesome playlist to keep the negativity at bay, there are lots of ways you can customize your hot girl walk experience to ensure that you're moving your body, having fun, and of course, feeling hot. But along with that comes a slew of mistakes that can be made, preventing you from getting the most out of your routine.

Not knowing all the benefits

A hot girl walk isn't just a fun way to make exercise feel more accessible. Walking, in general, is known to have a wide range of health benefits, from reducing risks of health issues like heart disease and strokes to helping prevent some types of cancer (via the Mayo Clinic). It also helps with things like boosting energy levels and endurance, and it can even help lower blood sugar. Another benefit is that it promotes fat-burning, which is great for weight loss.

Even if you aren't doing the part of a hot girl walk where you focus on gratefulness and goals, walking can still boost your mental health. Simply being out in nature can improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress. Getting outside and walking may help stave off anxiety and depression. If you don't have time to go on a full four-mile hot girl walk, you can still see many benefits by walking for at least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. 

Not hydrating your hot self the right way

Staying hydrated is super important — not just because it has benefits, like helping with clearing skin and weight loss, but also because it can help you boost physical performance and get more out of your hot girl walk (via Medical News Today). If it's hot outside, hydration is essential, especially since dehydration could become a concern.

When you're on a hot girl walk, the way you stay hydrated matters. Some may think that because a hot girl walk is about having fun and feeling yourself, they should have a fun drink, too. While it's totally fine to bring along a fruity refresher or a sports drink, you should have some plain old water with you, too. According to the Better Health Channel, "The best fluid is water." Just because other drinks may boast benefits like electrolytes doesn't mean that they can quench your thirst the way water would. Fun and fruity drinks also tend to have a lot of calories, which can sabotage your efforts if you're using your hot girl walks to achieve fitness or weight loss goals.

Plain water may not be super exciting, but it can hydrate your body and keep you energized and refreshed on your hot girl walk. If you really can't stand water on its own, adding some lemon or cucumber to it can be refreshing and more flavorful. Having a cute flask can make it easier to carry and can be a great accessory for your hot girl walk outfit.

Not wearing a cute (and comfy) 'fit

Looking hot can help you feel great about yourself while you are out on the town getting your steps in. That said, the cuteness of your outfit should not compromise its overall comfort. There are many reasons to make sure you're comfortable when out on your walk.

For one, if you're not comfy, you may end up cutting your walk short. Pants that are too tight can be constricting, and a shirt that doesn't fit well could be distracting if you're always adjusting it. If it's hot outside, you might want to wear shorts, but then you risk the dreaded chafing. Wearing bike shorts can help prevent this, as can running shorts that are lined. If it's cold, you'll need to dress in layers so you can remove some if you warm up during your walk.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should forget about looking cute altogether. Part of the point of a hot girl walk is feeling good about yourself while you're getting activity in, so you still need to make sure that you like how you look before you head out the door. Wearing stained sweatpants might be comfortable, but it could prevent you from really shining with confidence, especially if there's potential for you to run into someone you know on your walk.

Not doing skincare first

One awesome thing about going on a hot girl walk is that it can be a great way to get outside and soak up some sunshine. Sunlight on its own can be a great mood booster and an effective way to up your vitamin D. Spending time in the sun can help you feel calmer, and it can help you regulate your sleep (per WebMD). Something else that sunlight can do? Damage your skin and cause all kinds of things, from fine lines and sunburn to skin cancer. Too much sun is not your skin's best friend.

If you only plan on doing a short walk, like 15 minutes or less, you may not need to do a full-fledged skincare routine before heading out the door (as long as you're still applying your sunscreen, of course). However, if you plan on going on a full four-mile walk, you'll need to take a moment beforehand to look after your skin.

Applying sunscreen before you put on any makeup is an option, as is tinted moisturizer with SPF in it if you don't like to wear makeup but would still like a little coverage. Typically, if you plan to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, sunscreen or moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended. If you sweat a lot, you may need to reapply, so don't be afraid to take your sunscreen with you.

Not updating your playlist beforehand

Good music can make almost anything more fun. For someone who gets bored on walks, a great playlist can get you pumped for your hot girl outing. Music can kick your dopamine levels up a notch, which means you'll be in a better mood overall. It may also help you stay focused and walk faster, especially if your music of choice has a fast tempo (per NBC News). Shuffling your playlists keeps your hot girl walk from becoming stale, and adding new songs before each walk can be great for your brain and stop you from overthinking and becoming bored.

Listening to new music helps your brain stay more active and can give your mind a workout while you're body is moving, too. If music isn't your thing, there are other ways to keep your mind occupied. A podcast can be thought-provoking, and a book on tape can help you expand your knowledge while exercising, which is a plus for girlies who like to multitask. You can always try meditation music if you truly want to zen out.

Whatever you choose to listen to, you need to consider your safety while walking. If you have both your earbuds in and the volume cranked to the max, you might not be aware of your surroundings, which could spell danger for you or others around you, especially if you are walking in unfamiliar areas or areas with lots of traffic. Leaving one earbud out or keeping the volume low could help you stay safer.

Not wearing hot girl shoes

Some people might take a lot of time picking just the right shoes for the occasion, while others might toss on the same old pair of sneakers no matter where they're going. When you're on a hot girl walk, your footwear makes a big difference. Of course, you want to look your best, but that doesn't mean you should wear your trendy platform flip-flops on a long walk in the woods. That said, you don't need to wear shoes that look boring or ugly just because you think they'll support your feet better.

This is a time when striking the right balance is important. If you want to be comfortable on your walk, you'll need shoes that fit well and don't rub your heels or pinch your toes. Wearing a shoe that causes any kind of callouses or cramping could be problematic for foot health in the long run, not to mention short-term discomfort. Good shoes should feel stable, supportive, and well-cushioned (via The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine). They also shouldn't be too bulky.

While your shoes should be comfortable, you shouldn't have to sacrifice cuteness. Picking a pair of running shoes in a color you love can be a good idea, as can finding some insoles for a pair of sneakers you may love but aren't super supportive. Avoiding platforms and shoes with heels can keep you safe, as these shoes could up your risk of twisting your ankle.

Not exploring new places

If you take regular hot girl walks, then you'll probably get tired of taking the same route over and over at some point. Not only can it get boring, but if your usual route takes you by the coffee place your ex sometimes goes to or increases your chances of running into someone from high school who you want to avoid, you might have extra incentive to switch up your routes.

The good news is that trying out new routes has a lot of benefits. Not only do you get to expose yourself to new sights, but you might also learn more about your community. You could discover places you didn't know existed previously, even if you've lived there for years. You might meet new people or even find a new favorite spot. 

Walking on different kinds of terrain can be a great mix-up and may help build more muscle and improve things like endurance and balance (via Charlotte Watts Health). That said, it's important to consider your safety when walking somewhere unfamiliar. Letting others know where you're going can be a good idea.

Not setting walking goals

Hot girl walks are all about staying focused on your goals. Not only can you think about life goals while walking, but if you really want to get into the hot girl spirit, it may be a good idea to set walking goals, too. You can set goals any way you want, whether you measure your progress in steps, miles, or the amount of time you spend walking.

Maybe you're walking for fitness, so tracking how many calories you burn makes sense. Or, maybe it's more about the experience for you. In that case, you could set a goal for how many different routes you try within a month. No matter what matters most to you, setting goals can help you stay motivated and make your experience feel more rewarding.

After you've decided on your ultimate goal, you need to plan out your next steps (pun intended). By breaking your big goal up into smaller ones, you can make it feel more attainable. The easier your next steps are to manage, the less likely you are to feel stressed or give up. Of course, it's important not to be hard on yourself if you get off track. From things like sickness to a hectic schedule, life happens. As long as you stay focused in the right direction, your achievements will build up over time, and before you know it, you'll be celebrating reaching big goals. 

Not planning out your hot girl walk

There's one thing that's definitely not hot, and that is being unprepared. From the time of day you walk to the route you take and the state of the weather, many things impact your walking experience, so you need to make sure that you do a little planning before you head out the door.

This is especially important if you like to take your walks at night. Visibility can be an issue, so if you're stepping out after dusk, make sure you pop on a bright color, or even a visibility headband. Safety is always important, but it is even more so at night. Sticking to familiar places, letting others know where you're at, or walking with a friend can all be good ideas.

Checking the weather is a great idea, too. The last thing you want to do is get halfway into your walk only to realize that an unexpected storm is rolling in. Something else to consider is how busy your area is. Taking a walk in the city during rush hour may not be super relaxing. If you're going to walk in a wooded area on a moist day, you'll likely be crossing paths with lots of mosquitos, which may not make for the best walking conditions.

Not bringing (hot) friends (especially four-legged ones)

Sometimes a long walk alone can be an effective way to unwind and get in deeper touch with your thoughts and emotions. However, sometimes, walks — even hot girl ones — can feel dull when you're alone.

In this case, your best bet is to find another hot girl to walk with you. Spending quality time with friends can be great for your mental health, just like walking, so combining the two things can be a super powerful way to boost your mood and support your health.

If there aren't any other hot girls around, though, taking your dog is also a great idea. Not only will your pet likely love the chance to spend time with you, but the exercise is great for their well-being, as well. This can also be a great time to try out your dog's new collar or put them in a cute sweater. There's no reason why they shouldn't look hot, too!

Not having hot posture

Confidence is key on a hot girl walk. Do you know what doesn't exude confidence? Sloping shoulders or a slouchy back. Great posture is key for looking confident and for getting the most out of your walk. Besides making you look more poised and composed, good posture is also good for you. It can "relieve stress and pressure on your back" and helps you balance properly, as described by Healthline. It can reduce neck, back, hip, and leg pain and can help you reduce your risk of incurring an injury. Over time, good posture can reduce the wear and tear on your joints, and it can help reduce muscle aches and tension.

As you're getting ready to head out the door for your hot girl walk, take a moment to assess your posture. Hold your head high, and practice elongating your spine. Make sure that your shoulders are down and back. When checking your posture, you don't want to push too hard or make yourself uncomfortable — you simply want to try to guide your body toward better alignment. Engaging your core while walking is also beneficial. It can help you get more out of your walk and may even help burn more calories (per Prevention).

Not getting geared up

Whether you hate the idea of being bogged down with stuff on your hot girl walk, or you love the feeling of being super prepared, making sure that you have at least a few essentials on hand can help you have a better time. Typically, the weather and your route will dictate what gear you need.

Are you walking in 80-degree weather with no shade? You'll probably want to bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Are you taking a hike on a chilly, misty day? Then you might want to wear a hooded and waterproof jacket. If you're walking somewhere unfamiliar, bringing self-defense gear, like pepper spray, can be a good move.

No matter where you're going, you should always bring your phone and make sure it's charged. While a phone can sometimes be distracting on a walk, it can also be important in case you ever experience an emergency and need to call someone. It can also be awesome for helping you navigate unfamiliar places or for playing your favorite hot girl walk playlist. Side note: Remember your earphones, too!

Not ditching the negativity

Going on a walk is a mood booster in so many ways, from helping you get fresh air and sunshine to energizing your body and mind. A hot girl walk, in particular, is all about keeping a positive mindset and focusing on the things that matter in life. If it isn't gratitude, a goal, or a way to reach that goal, then you need to get it out of your head. Negativity is the opposite of hot. In fact, it can even be bad for your mental and physical health, contributing to an increase in headaches, fatigue, chest pains, anxiety, and depression, among other things (via Marque Urgent Care). 

If you spend your whole walk fuming about an argument or worrying about an interaction that didn't go the way you thought it should, you'll be missing out on the great things in front of you, like soaking up some gorgeous scenery or experiencing feelings of deep relaxation. Not only that, but wasting time on negative thoughts prevents you from focusing on the things that matter to you. So, next time you're in a bad mood before a walk, take a moment before you leave to get in the right head space and embrace all the opportunities that taking a hot girl walk has to offer.