7 Signs Your Soul Tie Connection Is Toxic & Needs To End

Soul ties are that intense connection, that sense of belonging and comfort you feel for someone upon meeting them. Soul ties, soul mates, and twin flames all describe a fairy tale sense of connection you'll share with someone without any reasonable logic. It's like meeting someone for the first time and becoming the best of friends within five minutes; you already see a title screen that says "happily ever after." 


The first conversation with your soul tie is sure to be filled with phrases like: "Omg, same" and "I know exactly what you're talking about." It'll feel like you've found your soul tie or your other half, like you're on the same page on almost everything, and the more you discover about them, the more you'll feel like you've lived the same life. Soul ties can be romantic or platonic, and we can share such ties with co-workers, lovers, friends, and even family members. And they are bound to shift the spiritual energies present in your life.

While soul ties seem magical, adding a sense of spiritual value to the relationships in your life, they can also turn toxic. The powerful and intense nature of the relationship can throw out the sense of balance and stability in your life, replacing it with emptiness and obsession. So, if your soul tie is taking a toll on your life and well-being, it's time to let it die.


An unhealthy obsession

Do you think of nothing else but them? If you obsessively wonder what they are doing without catching a break, you have a case of unhealthy obsession. And this obsession doesn't just exist in your waking hours; your dreams and fantasies will be about them. When your subconscious mind starts taking part in this preoccupation, it is a marker of an unhealthy sense of attachment and indicates the toxic nature of your relationship.


If these thoughts disrupt other parts of your life, such as other interpersonal relationships and work, it clearly signifies a toxic connection. You'll also notice that your ever-present thoughts about what they are doing and feeling will prevent you from thinking for yourself, taking away your views and emotions as you replace them with theirs. Flooded with thoughts of "What will they do in this situation," you'll be unable to make decisions for yourself. Therefore if you are exhibiting the signs of an unhealthy obsession, it is time to say goodbye to your soul tie.

Negative emotions

Human interactions are bound to stimulate emotional responses, but when it comes to soul ties, the emotional reactions are on a whole other level. You'll feel them intensely and overwhelmingly. If you're happy, you'll be extremely happy, sunshine and rainbows of the highest degree. And when you're sad, you'll feel all the shades of blue.


When it comes to toxic soul tie connections, there's a whole other range of powerful negative emotions you'll be going through. These include feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Being possessive or jealous of your friends or lover is normal in any relationship. Still, since soul tie connections use a more extensive scale for emotions, you'll display unhealthy levels of anger and jealousy.

If you firmly believe that your souls belong to each other, it'll be difficult for you to see your soul tie with other people. And in true toxic fashion, you'll let them know that unhealthy outbursts of anger, whether it's you or your partner displaying these fits, are not a sign of a healthy relationship. It is a sign to break off your relationship.


Losing yourself

You and your relationship are two different entities. The line can be blurry sometimes, but it's of utmost importance that we remember that we are not our relationships. If your soul tie connection has led you to have an identity crisis, you need to reassess the partnership.


Making time for yourself is very important, and your soul tie taking up all of yours is a red flag you need to look out for. Having your own hobbies, likes and dislikes, goals, and interests are what makes you special. And since soul ties share this idea of being intertwined, losing one's identity in another person's is easy. So, if you're preoccupied with your special person's interests and not your own, it's time to rethink your relationship. 

Furthermore, feeling like your place in the world is as their partner or thinking your life and identity lack definition without them is another key marker of a toxic connection. Viewing yourself only as an extension of them can be detrimental to your well-being and self-image, and if this is the case, try to find yourself outside of the relationship by ending it or by taking a break in a healthy way.


Being overly dependent

In any relationship, there is dependency. But what does it mean to be overly dependent? Being dependent on another person for all your needs, including your happiness, can be considered overly dependent. If your soul tie connection requires you to serve them in terms of material and emotional needs at all times, or if you seek them out for all of yours, your relationship might be toxic.


This kind of dependence can take a toll on one's energy. If one's mood and energy levels depend solely on another person's actions, it can turn into resentment and even anger. Therefore, when exploring a spiritual connection with someone asking for more than just simple reliance, be wary of the relationship turning sour. 

Furthermore, when caught in the intense cycle of emotions, it can be difficult to say no to their every plea, and if you find yourself always in servile, it's a sign your connection is not the healthiest.

Can't seem to end it

Soul ties have a spiritual element that elevates its significance. And as we keep our relationships on a pedestal, it can be difficult to call quits on them. This is what usually makes twin flames and soul mate relationships especially difficult. But by staying in a relationship just for the sake of it, having a spiritual aspect can become harmful for both you and your partner. Furthermore, toxic soul ties push the agenda of "fate," and despite having clear trouble in the relationship, you will drive away the need to end it as you feel you're "destined to be together."


If you feel trapped under the concept of spiritualism, and if maintaining the connection is done out of duty, your connection needs to end. This feeling can motivate people to stay in ugly, unhealthy relationships despite wanting to leave. So, keep in mind that spiritualism is not something that ties you to a relationship; you can always leave when things aren't right.

You feel burdened

Instead of the happy, joyous feelings human connections and relationships are supposed to bring out, you'll be experiencing feelings of anxiety and weariness. Every interaction with them will begin to feel like a chore, leaving you feeling drained. You'll be anxious about your relationship when they are not around, but you'll want to get away when they are. These kinds of emotions will become a burden to you, making you feel guilty and trapped. These are not emotions of a happy, enriching connection; therefore, ending your relationship might be better for everyone involved.


Furthermore, you might be feeling burdened due to the past you shared. Soul ties usually start on intensely happy notes; if you are reminiscing about the past and are hanging on to the good times you shared, even when that is not what your relationship looks like now, it's a sign of a toxic connection. You need to release the burden of the past and let go of your soul tie.

Can't stay away

Soul ties are connections that are fastened to the soul. And it's difficult to stay away from these connections, no matter how toxic they are. Always coming back to each other despite having a bad history is a clear sign of a toxic relationship. And when you discover this pattern of behavior, try your best to stay away from them for as long as possible. You'll find yourself obsessing over and fantasizing about them but try to preoccupy yourself with a hobby or build a support system when this happens. 


Communicate your inability to avoid them to your friends and loved ones to seek their support. To make the estrangement stick, block them on social media and try meditation to stop the unnecessary obsession. Meditation can help you control your thoughts and eliminate all the hyper fixations on your soul tie. Remember to spot these signs as early as possible. After recognizing your behavior or relationship to be toxic, ending it is the best course of action.