'Popsicle Lips' Are Back This Summer - And Juicier Than Ever

Most of us will agree that summer makeup is a vibe all on its own. There are some trends that endure every year and come back to the fore as soon as the warmer months are upon us.

One such trend that seems to stand the test of summertime is that of "popsicle lips." This effortless yet chic look is so easily achieved and looks super glam every time it is worn. All you have to do to get the look for yourself is to blot your product to give it a stained vibe that is more saturated in the center of the lips. It's the perfect addition to make your makeup look and feel light and fresh.

The look is most easily achieved by using an effective tinted lip balm that hydrates the lips but still offers a matte aesthetic, though you can apply a shimmery gloss on top if you prefer. One can also use the same lip balm on the cheeks for a fresh take on monochromatic, barely-there makeup.

Pair it with colorful eyes

If you find yourself gravitating towards this look, perhaps you enjoy a minimalistic aesthetic when it comes to makeup. However, an easy way to elevate the look while staying true to the popsicle lips trend is to pair the lip with a brightly colored eyeshadow.

Let the lips do the talking

The key to nailing the popsicle lips trend, in our opinion, is to let that be the shining piece of the entire look. Soft coverage on the face, and minimal color elsewhere, will help bring attention to the tinted balm you wear on your lips. You can also line your lips, as seen in the image above, to draw even more attention to them. 

A glossy coral nude makes you stand out

Monochrome coral is a truly versatile color that is also a hit every summer season. Why not try using a coral shade of tinted lip balm to try and achieve this popsicle lip look, paired with a similar eyeshadow? Just be sure to dab it and spread it to stay on trend.

A bright effect for fuller lips

Love the look of a fuller lip but don't want to go in for surgery? Try playing with makeup instead. The popsicle lip look works especially well when you want to achieve a fuller lip. Just be sure to apply a bright, eye-catching shade, like a hot pink, in the center of the lips.

Apply a dark color for maximum benefits

For a truly sculpted popsicle lip look, try applying a dark maroon shade in the center of your lips. Then feather the color out in a way that helps you to define your lips into a shape that makes you feel confident and beautiful.