Monochrome Coral Makeup Is The Easiest Look Of The Summer (& Lets You Twin With Ariel's Sisters)

Have you heard the news? Coral has been pronounced the go-to color, and those in the know are wearing it all over their eyes, cheeks, and lips to create an unforgettable monochromatic makeup moment. Coral as a color brings pastel to mind when you first think of it, but if you want to stand out and twin with the mermaids of the moment, also known as Ariel's sisters, don't be afraid to apply the color with a heavy hand for a dense coralista look (after all, mermaidcore has definitely permeated makeup trends).

As a bright color that falls somewhere between an orange and a pink on the color spectrum, coral has the benefit of flattering most skin tones and undertones. It can also uplift any outfit and is versatile enough to be paired with many different looks. A special take on the trend is to add glitter to elevate the look and take it up a notch. If you would like to experiment with coral and glitter together, don't hesitate to add them to your eyelids and lips together.

Try ombre to stand out

Monochromatic looks don't have to be limited to using the same exact shade throughout. Why don't you try playing with an ombre effect for a slightly different take on the trend? On the eyelids, this could mean starting with a brighter coral on the outer corner of the eye and moving to a lighter one as you go inwards. You could also outline your lips with a darker lipliner and fill them in with a lighter shade.

Amp up the glam with coral halo eyes

There are many ways to rock a monochromatic coral look. An easy one is to create a halo eye using different shades of coral in a matte formula. Add some shimmer and sparkle with a hint of glitter to create a cut crease. You are sure to turn heads with this look.

Coral blush makes a statement

If you are hesitant to play with bold coral colors on your face, an easy way to try your hand at this trend is to use a coral blush. Pair it with a simple eye look and nude lips. This allows only the coral blush to make a statement without feeling over the top.

Bold eyeliner to balance the look

We get it. An all-coral makeup look isn't everyone's cup of tea. But if you are still keen to test the waters, an easy way to balance all that coral cuteness is by pairing it with thick, bold, black eyeliner. Wing it out and make a strong statement.

Mix it up with different shades

Though monochromatic coral makeup is a trend many may attempt, we say there are no rules to makeup. Go forth and pair your favorite shade of coral with any bold color or colors of your choice. Make the look as vibrant as you possibly can, and watch heads turn.