'Candle Lights' Are The Trend Bringing Gentle Warmth To Your Hair Color

If regular salon visits for root touch ups aren't your vibe, then it may be time to explore the super chic hair color trend known as "candle lights." The look leaves room for flexible upkeep with its gentle warmth and effortless cool-girl feel. Similar to balayage, candle lights look a lot like natural golden hour highlights at the end of summer after many fun days in the sun. They're soft near the roots and brighter at the ends — much like the wick of a candle flame.

"These defined flickers of highlights are soft from the roots through the mid-lengths and then kick brighter toward the ends," Biolage ambassador and celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook told PopSugar. "They're the new and refined version of a balayage and allow for a really smooth grow-out process if you're not one to book at the salon every six weeks." Ideal for the subtle change you've been craving, candle lights are the glowing, gorgeous answer you've been waiting for and an effortless way to elevate your hair

Sweetly sun-kissed blond

Glowing with a beachy warmth we love to see in this trend, these candle lights are sun-kissed perfection. As large sections of hair are highlighted here, the result is a subtle transition from brunette to blond. Easy to wear from summer to fall, candle lights are the breezy trend we can't get enough of.

Subtle and delicate caramel

Caramel hues and warmly blended highlights are the delicate pieces we have major heart eyes for with this trend. This look will take minimal styling — although a few curls and some hair serum can go a long way. This technique is the perfect avenue to revamp your locks when you're feeling underwhelmed with your color, and works perfectly to take dark brown hair to caramel.

Romantic waves on long hair

The beauty of candle lights on long hair means you'll get even more contrast between the beginning and ends of the lightened hair, as these highlights continue to get lighter. It's easy to show off these candle lights with some gentle, romantic waves, and steal the eyes of the room.

Autumnal tones

A copper take on the candle light trend, these deep, glowing auburn locks have the perfect autumnal energy. Lighter in all the right places, this is the way candle lights wow us over and over. There's something earthy and magnetic about going red with this trend; it has an undeniable ability to illuminate and shine.

Easy upkeep

A bolder take on the candle lights trend, this higher-contrast look stuns. A great way to refresh your color with low commitment upkeep, candle lights can begin around your face rather than up in your roots. This variation is ideal for those with a busy schedule or who simply prefer a more laid-back upkeep system when it comes to color and highlights.