How To Use Reiki To Help You Move On After A Breakup

Despite our best efforts, sometimes breakups are inevitable, and they're often quite devastating. Sadly, however, that's the gamble we all take when getting into a relationship. While most couples focus on love, there's always a chance that something will drive them apart: a heartbreaking act of infidelity, a lapse in communication, a lack of intimacy, or all of the above.


Sadly, breakups can send one's entire world crashing down, and people aren't always sure how to handle such an event, leaving them struggling to move on. Marc Hekster, the consultant psychologist with Insight London, told Grazia Daily that ending a relationship can "feel like you're losing a part of yourself." Therefore, it's not uncommon for the newly single to seek out toxic coping mechanisms like drugs and alcohol. 

While it's no way to tell how long it actually takes to get over a breakup, reiki is an excellent alternative to these coping techniques and is much healthier for your physical and mental health. Here's why.

Reiki helps release negative emotions

After a breakup, feelings of sadness and grief can consume a person, which is where reiki comes in. Reiki, a Japanese practice developed in the early 1900s by Mikao Usui, is a soothing form of energy therapy. Essentially, it works by transferring energy from the reiki master to the patient through physical touch or extremely close physical proximity, similar to a light massage, and a strong emotional connection. However, participants must be fully immersed in the process to get the most out of it.


In her short film "What Is Reiki?," Reiki Master Lisa Biagetti's patients documented their experiences with the practice. Some reported feeling a warm sensation over their bodies, while others claimed it felt as if heat was exiting their bodies during their sessions. These are examples of how the master channels positive energy through their touch, effectively decreasing the sadness caused by things like breakups, as fellow Reiki Master Sharna Langlais explains in a blog post for Mind Body Green.

Reiki can calm increased hearts rate caused by breakup-induced stress

You've likely heard the phrase "broken heart syndrome," which describes a heart condition triggered by an extremely emotional event. Its symptoms include chest pains and shortness of breath. At the same time, your body releases stress hormones, making your heart rate rise and potentially harming you both physically and mentally. This phenomenon can occur even if you have no history of heart disease. 


Unfortunately, the end of a romantic relationship can spark broken heart syndrome. However, reiki is a great way to prevent these health issues. Ellen Diamond, mental health and wellness writer at Psych Reg, says the transfer of energy drastically alleviates racing heart rates by making clients relax. reiki practitioner Sharna Langlais agrees, saying on Mind Body Green that the practice helps balance the seven chakras, one of which is the heart.

Ultimately, coping with a split isn't easy, and there is no wrong way to get over an ex unless it involves self-harm or hurting others. If you are struggling after a breakup, consider seeking out a qualified reiki Master in your area. After experiencing what happens to your body when you start reiki, you might just be glad you did.