Our Astrologer's Biggest Tip For Surviving Mercury's Second Retrograde Of 2023

Nothing causes us more stress than recognizing that Mercury retrograde is coming — and thinking there's nothing we can do to prevent its chaos. From our planet's perspective, it looks like other planets spin backward during retrogrades, and it often feels like life goes backward during them, too. For instance, you might experience travel delays or the return of people from your past — things that can seriously disrupt your life. What's worse is that Mercury retrograde occurs fairly often. Its first retrograde of 2023 lasted from April 21 to May 14, and it will be back from August 23 to September 15 — this time in Virgo.

To help us all prepare, Glam spoke exclusively to astrologer Kyle Thomas, who can be found offering astrological insight on both Instagram and Patreon. Naturally, we tend to feel nervous when Mercury is in retrograde, dreading the inevitable extra drama and miscommunications it brings, but Thomas has some tips to help you finally make Mercury retrograde work for you — or at least make it more bearable. His advice? Spend more time thinking and less time doing.

Take this time to think

Of course, Mercury retrogrades are annoying, and it's typically impossible to avoid at least a little frustration. But if you want to look at Mercury retrograde through a more optimistic lens, consider thinking of the retrograde as a chance to reflect. It can teach us lessons and make us realize truths that we may have tried to avoid in the past. In fact, Kyle Thomas explains that Mercury retrogrades can show us what we need to see, even presenting opportunities for second chances or relief from the past's hold on us.

"Mercury retrograde phases are not here to destroy you or create problems. Instead, they are here to help you slow down and review, reassess, and reorganize. This is why people, situations, and projects from the past pop back up for us to look over once again," Thomas exclusively told Glam. "The best part about this is that we may realize we want to fine-tune our plans or reunite with that person or situation. If not, it can also clarify this for us so we let it go and learn the lessons once and for all."

For instance, let's say you have an ex you still think about from time to time. That past flame might reach out during Mercury retrograde, making you reconsider whether you should get back together or cut them out of your life once and for all. 

Avoid making decisions and commitments

While Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to reflect on people and situations, it's usually the worst time to act on those thoughts. "Mercury Retrograde is never a good time to make agreements, start relationships, become married, or sign contracts. If you do, what you initiate will eventually fall apart because it is formed on rocky ground," Kyle Thomas told Glam in our exclusive chat. "It is also not a good time to make major purchases, start new jobs, or jump on sudden decisions." 

This is because misunderstandings frequently pop up during Mercury retrograde, so if you sign something or agree to give a potential love interest a chance, you'll be more likely to misunderstand what you read in the contract or not get an accurate understanding of what someone's promising you. 

It's better to start these new chapters when you're more likely to grasp everything, sans potential confusion. For example, if your ex reaches out during the retrograde, think about whether you want to give your relationship with them a second chance. You can replay the parts of the past relationship that made you happy and compare them to the aspects that didn't work out before. However, Mercury retrograde is not the time to tell your ex you want to get back together or stay away from each other for good; wait until after the retrograde to make the final choice and deliver it to them. With this crucial tip in mind, you can maneuver retrograde gracefully and, with a little good luck, come out unscathed.