The 3 Types Of Virgo Sun And The Differences Between Them

We all know the prominent Virgo stereotypes: The people belonging to that earth sign are perfectionists, intelligent, and critical. However, according to astrologists, not all Virgos have the same personality — each Virgo is unique. Every person belonging to a specific sun sign doesn't share the exact same traits, as other factors, such as their moon and rising sign, differentiate each individual. But you can't forget the often-overlooked decan aspect in astrology.

Whether you're a Virgo, have a lot of Virgo friends, or dating a Virgo, you should know that people belonging to this sun sign have three different decan options, depending on when they were born in Virgo season. "A decan refers to a subdivision of a zodiac sign used to give a richer context to each of the signs' personalities and traits," astrologer Lauren Ash tells "The first ten days of your sign is the first decan, approximately the second ten days of your sign is the second decan, and approximately the third ten days is the third decan," Ash explains.

Planetary sub-rulers are also assigned to each decan, which can shake things up even more. Therefore, a Virgo's decan can offer clarity regarding why that Virgo acts more or less like stereotypical Virgos compared to other people of that sign.

Decan one Virgos are as Virgo-like as possible

Anyone born within the first week or so of Virgo season — from August 23 to about September 1 — falls under decan one, giving them all the most prominent Virgo traits. So, if anyone is most likely to be teased for exhibiting all those famous Virgo characteristics, it's going to be the decan one Virgos because they tend to fit the stereotypes.

"Virgos are very analytical, pragmatic, and methodical people ... They think things through really slowly and cautiously ... They love to organize ... They're always going to be the people with A+ presentations at work," astrologer-slash-author Lisa Stardust tells Women's Health. People falling into the first Virgo decan category won't likely be any different from that description.

Thus, if you plan to start any type of relationship with a decan one Virgo — whether that dynamic is dating, friendship, roommates, business partners, or marriage — you should ensure you can handle all that 100% Virgo attitude. If you bring them to an event, get ready for them to analyze little details and possibly get critical, and if you share a home, they'll probably want to make it spotless — even if there won't be any guests.

Decan two Virgos are typically artsier and more ambitious

On the other hand, some decan two Virgos can be more artsy and ambitious than analytical decan one Virgos. Decan two Virgos are typically born between about September 2 and September 11 and have more creative Venus influence. If you know a Virgo who dreams of being a famous singer, knows everything about fine art, or always got the lead role in drama club, their Virgo is probably in the decan two category. Saturn also provides significant influence to decan two Virgos, making people belonging to this Virgo decan super hungry for success.

A Virgo in decan two will likely be less concerned with analyzing little details and more focused on the big picture, doing whatever they can to make their big dreams come true. For example, it makes perfect sense that Beyoncé is a decan two Virgo — her birthday falls on September 4 — as she's one of the most famous and successful singers on the planet. Some may argue that her decan two Virgo creativity and ambition likely helped her on the path of success.

Decan three Virgos give some Taurus energy

Have you ever experienced an awkward moment when you found out someone's birthday was within the Virgo bracket and thought, "Wait, that can't be right; that person seems like such a Taurus?" That person is probably a decan three Virgo, as these people have many similarities to people belonging to the Taurus sun sign. With birthdays from around September 12 to the end of Virgo season (September 22), Virgos in decan three are typically still pragmatic but much more cheerful and charming than you'd expect a stereotypical Virgo to act.

Astrology-focused TikToker @sovereign_rays posted a video explaining that decan three Virgos take influence from Venus and Mercury and can be "very poetic," having more "charming" demeanors than the first two Virgo decans, with a personality that is "not as intense." For instance, while a decan one and maybe even decan two Virgo would likely cringe at the idea of writing a romantic long love letter for someone, a decan three Virgo would enjoy doing something so sweet and intimate.