The Internet Says To Use Vaseline To Remove Blackheads, But We Aren't So Convinced

No matter how pristine your skin is, at some point you are sure to have dealt with pesky blackheads. According to Healthline, these tiny black dots on your face appear when dirt or excess sebum clogs up the pores or hair follicles on your skin, and as these clogged pores come in contact with the air, they start to appear black in color.


Not cleaning your face properly – or sudden hormonal changes in the body — may cause the appearance of these blackheads. Sometimes, even a stressful situation can lead to them popping up out of the blue.

To get rid of blackheads, it is certainly tempting to turn to the internet for quick-fix solutions. While some of these hacks are proven ways to banish blackheads for good, we are here to warn you against one particular method that may make matters worse. A popular blackhead removal trend doing the rounds on social media was a suggestion of Korean YouTuber Fei Yang, where she advocated applying Vaseline all over your face, covering it up with plastic clingfilm, and then leaving it on overnight. According to the YouTuber, this would get rid of the blackheads easily in the morning.


However, experts believe this hack will do more harm than good as Vaseline will only serve to clog your pores further, possibly leading to the appearance of even more blackheads.

The problem with this beauty hack

According to dermatologist William Kwan, there can be serious repercussions for this self-styled hack. He told Health, "I would never recommend this method to any patient. Vaseline can clog pores and applying plastic wrap is physically occluding the pores. This could cause acne."


In Metro, dermatologist Dr. Goldfaden agrees: "We never recommend petroleum based or derived products to be applied to the face." The reason for this is that a substance like Vaseline acts as a barrier or seal to the skin, so it doesn't allow anything to enter or leave once applied, according to Healthline, including the stuff that should leave such as bacteria or sweat — which could lead to even more zits rearing their ugly heads on the surface of your skin.

Another serious issue with wrapping your face in clingfilm while you sleep is your safety! No amount of plastic should cover your nose at night to prevent any chances of suffocation. In the worst cases, the plastic around your mouth could also be a choking hazard.


How you should actually remove blackheads

Having debunked the idea of using Vaseline and plastic wrap on your face, we are here to help you figure out how to actually (and safely!) remove those blackheads from your face. The first thing to be mindful of is how to identify and prevent cosmetic acne from appearing in the first place. You should avoid washing your face too frequently, as that act may strip your skin of the essential oils it needs, and according to dermatologist Nazanin Saedi in Everyday Health, you'll end up overproducing oils which could lead to the appearance of more acne. You can also visit a dermatologist, who will draw up a customized skincare plan tailormade to your needs.


If, however, you suffer from blackheads despite taking precautions, don't worry. You can get rid of them safely and easily. Keeping your skin clean is extremely important, so be sure to wash your face twice a day with a cleanser that suits your skin type, and especially after exercising, according to Heathline. No matter how tempting it may seem to touch the blackhead or worse, to pop it, resist that temptation, as dirty hands only make the problem worse.

Per Heathline, at-home pore strips and exfoliating products are other easy solutions to remove blackheads. Over-the-counter medication recommended by dermatologists such as retinoids may also help in your battle against blackheads.