Botched's Dr. Terry Dubrow Tells Us The Cosmetic Procedures He Would Never Recommend - Exclusive

All sorts of cosmetic procedures have made themselves popular over the years, but many of them weren't widely accepted at first. For starters, liposuction began as something that people couldn't wrap their heads around when the concept was initially introduced to the world. "Put a tube in the body, and vacuum out fat. Everybody thought we were crazy," plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow said during an exclusive interview with Glam. "And then it became something that people would admit to and talk about."


Now, people find themselves turning to the next big thing when it comes to cosmetic procedures. They're also less afraid to admit that they've spent time under the knife — and many of them are even saying they regret having some of the most popular procedures done.

As an expert on the California Medical Board and star surgeon on the E! series "Botched," Dr. Dubrow has come across a fair share of medical scares. When it comes to plastic surgery, it's a lot more deadly than you think. Some of the most common procedures have a surprisingly high fatality rate, which is exactly why Dr. Dubrow refuses to do them — and the "Botched" star urges others not to go through with them either.

Brazilian butt lifts are 'the most fatal cosmetic surgery procedure'

Some people are born with a big booty, and others find themselves turning to plastic surgery in order to have one. That's exactly why Brazilian butt lifts have become one of the most popular procedures to have done today. In order to create the look, liposuction is used to remove fat from other parts of the body to inject into the backside. But though it may be common, "It's the most fatal cosmetic surgery procedure, and it's a lot more fatal than many general surgery procedures," Dr. Terry Dubrow told Glam.


As he described, adding additional fat to that area can cause life-threatening issues. "There's very little veins in the buttock that connect directly to the main vein, leading back to the heart, going to the lungs," he explained. "If you get a little bit of fat in there, and it goes to the lungs, it can plug up the circulation of the lungs, and that can be fatal."

Because of the risk, he refuses all incoming requests to perform the surgery. "I don't think anybody should do it," he urged. "I don't think any operation that has a fatality rate of one in 3,000 is worth doing for a cosmetic change."

Mommy makeovers 'are the highest risk procedures in all of plastic surgery'

Another common cosmetic procedure is what women find themselves referring to as a "mommy makeover." Unfortunately, many of these same parents have come to assume that any cosmetic procedure is a simple fix and have minimized the seriousness of it altogether. "Those mommy makeovers are among the riskiest procedures in all of plastic surgery," he warned Glam.


Like any other kind of surgery, any cosmetic procedure comes with serious side effects that can be fatal — so unless you believe that a modification to your body will change your outlook on life, Dr. Dubrow believes that it's best to avoid the risk of becoming permanently botched in the first place. "Young celebrities are now awesomely talking about plastic surgery regret," he said. "Kylie Jenner talked about the fact that she wished she didn't do her breasts or her lips. And a lot of celebrities are coming out now saying, 'Boy, if I would've known who I would be at age 24, I wouldn't have done this at age 19.' Be patient, and think about it."

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