The Crocodile Print Trend Is Coming For Your Handbags, And We're Obsessed

If you cringe at the thought of accessories made from real leather, suede, or other materials that originally covered live animals, then you have likely shied away from anything that uses crocodile skin. Fortunately, if you like the look but not the source, you can enjoy the same aesthetic with materials that boast a crocodile print. Simply look for items made of what's known as faux crocodile, croc-effect, and mock croc, which are used for chic clothing, trendy shoes, and handbags. Crocodile prints have even made their way into manicures. We absolutely adore these styles, and there's a very good chance that you will too.

Thanks to the fact that modern methods used to create animal prints can be wonderfully effective when it comes to imitating the real thing, many brands no longer see the need to opt for actual croc skin. As Megan Papay, co-founder of the California-based brand Freda Salvador, explained to Fashion Magazine, "We never got into using actual exotic crocodile skin for several reasons. The main reason is the embossed croc alternatives look so real it's hard to tell the difference, so why would we ethically choose to do that?"

At the same time, you should know that some companies still use animal skin, specifically calf leather, to mimic crocodiles. However, there are various crocodile print handbags that will suit both your ethics and your style.

Basic black crocodile print handbag

Basic is definitely not boring when you're referring to a sleek black crocodile print handbag. With structured edges that suit the relatively firm material, you may also appreciate a design that features a flap, allowing you to securely close the top, as well as a gold or silver-colored buckle for the same chic style and practical purpose. Thanks to the fact that you can wear a basic black crocodile print handbag with anything from casual outfits to formal wear, you may find yourself using it more than any other purse in your closet.

Sophisticated red crocodile print handbag

If you already adore this aesthetic, then you may want to take the next step by opting for a crocodile print handbag in a striking color. For instance, a deep shade of red — such as dark ruby, eye-catching crimson, or a wonderful merlot color — is both timeless and trendy. Moreover, it is a tone that complements the animal print-like pattern and adds a sophisticated touch to any ensemble. Red is also an ideal shade for handbags of all sizes and looks incredible in a material that is either glossy or matte.

Fun green crocodile print handbag

Real crocodiles can come in various shades, but they tend to be a dull grayish-green color, which allows them to blend in with murky water. Only cartoon crocs typically feature the kind of fun green color — not to mention the fabulous shine — that can be used for a crocodile print handbag. Imagine something along the lines of a rich Spanish green or jade green. Whatever shade suits your style, make sure to pick out something that will add an extra pop of color to any outfit.

Metallic crocodile print handbag

Although we've never seen a living crocodile that boasts silver skin, we definitely appreciate that mock croc material can be made in this stunning shade. With a sheen that gives the handbag an almost industrial vibe, it also shows off each line and groove in the captivating animal print pattern. There's no doubt that a metallic crocodile print handbag will take your accessory collection to the next level, so you may want more than one. You could always opt for copper, bronze, silver, and gold, or you can find one that has a trendy chrome finish.

Oversized crocodile print handbag

Those who have fallen in love with their crocodile print handbag may want to pick up a second one that really makes a statement. There's surely no better way to do this than by finding an oversized crocodile print handbag. If you get one that's large enough, then there will be plenty of space to appreciate the material's color, shape, and animal print pattern. Of course, those perks are on top of the fact that an oversized handbag will give you the chance to bring everything you could possibly need with you when you're out for the day.

Multi-toned, mixed-material crocodile print handbag

There seem to be no limits to what you can do with a crocodile print handbag. They can be big or small, soft or structured, and have various colors or details. That's why they are suitable for a design with more than one color and material. For instance, you might not be able to resist a croc effect that has spots of dark brown on the edges which transition into lighter shades before becoming fully white in the middle. Use this along with a woven wicker base and you end up with a truly unique piece.