Crocodile Nails Bring This Summer's Animal Print Trend To Your Manicure

Crocodile nails are a creative way to upgrade your manicure. While it might sound frightening or over the top, this is one of the nail design trends that is not going anywhere anytime soon. To get the look, it takes an experienced nail artist who is well-versed in animal print. You as the customer pick the base color, and they work their magic creating either a 2D or 3D design based on the skin of a crocodile.

While these can look like a wild set of nails, anyone can look amazing with this style, regardless of their preferences. These nails can be done as a feature nail, the main event, or even used as an updated twist on the classic French manicure. It doesn't matter if you prefer long nails, short nails, bold colors, or neutral tones; these nails are truly for everyone, especially if you want to get creative with your next set of acrylics. 

Keep it short

While many of us love long nails, they're definitely not for everyone. If you love the crocodile look but want a shorter manicure, add it to a short acrylic set for a dynamic look that is also practical. You won't be able to play with more complex styles, like crocodile ombré, but you can create a basic crocodile look easily. 

Add a few charms

Charms are a great way to add some sparkle to your nails. While croc nails are great on their own, gems, charms, and other accessories can easily be added to each nail for extra flair. When talking to your nail technician, bring a reference photo or bring your own charms to make sure they really carry out your vision.

Mix up the colors

Who said you have to stick to one hue for your crocodile nails? When picking your next manicure, incorporate as many shades as you like to add an extra layer of fun and personality. If this seems a little too daring for your taste, use nail polishes in the same color family for a cohesive look.

Mattify your crocodile nails

While a shiny manicure is always great to look at, especially following the success of the glazed donut manicure trend, there is something about matte nails that really sets them apart from the crowd. Just ask your manicurist to use a matte topcoat instead of the traditional clear coat to rock this aesthetic. 

Embrace ombré nails

If you want your nails to look intricate and unique, consider taking the crocodile print and creating an ombré effect. Ombré nails alone are such an easy way to make any acrylic look unique and fun, and adding an animal print takes them to the next level.