Glitter Braids Are Having A Moment And We're Here For It

We have several things on our unending bucket list: bungee jumping, visiting the Pyramids, and even touching a whale. But very high on that list is something that's going right now — seeing Beyoncé live on the Renaissance World Tour. Unfortunately, some of us live halfway around the world from where she's performing, but we still want to get in on the fun. So we're doing that with our hair. Like the chrome cowboy hats, subversive silver clothing, and alien superstar-esque makeup, glitter braids are having a style moment right now. As always, we're about to put you on.

Glitter braids, also known as fantasy or sparkle braids, are like your regular braids but with a high shine, sparkly twist. With glitter braids, streaks of glimmer reflect light and give your braids a holographic, almost iridescent effect, pretty on brand with the Renaissance House of Chrome theme. To achieve this style, most braiders prefer to mix in a material called hair tinsel to your braid extensions before plaiting it onto your hair. But you can also use glittery hair wax for a temporary yet shiny effect. Now that you know what these braids are, it's time to play some Beyoncé and scroll through some inspo.

Ginger glitter

Fantasy or glitter braids are just as versatile as they are pretty. And while darker extensions in colors like 1B or 4 create a contrast for the tinsel to shine through well, you can use different colored extensions for the same effect — like 33, 350, orange, or a mix of all three — for that perfect ginger combo.


Like the ginger glitter braids, you can add tinsel in your color of choice to suit your aesthetic. For your daily dose of Barbiecore, mix some tinsel with your pink braiding hair and style any way you'd like. This technique also applies to other colors, like rich blue or multicolored extensions.

Fulani superstar

Who said you were stuck with knotless braids for this party? There's so much you can do with your fantasy braids, including trying out styles you've been wanting for the longest. If you're tired of the decision fatigue of styling your knotless braids, try a style like Fulani braids, a braided ponytail, or some cornrows for a change.

Boho has a problem

Now that we're on the topic of switching it up, you can do that with boho braids. Like a plant and its stem, boho braids are done by adding loose or wavy tendrils to the main braid. For your glitter braids, you have a wealth of options. You can add your tinsel to your main braid or tendrils if they have the same curl pattern. And again, it doesn't have to be box braids. Try this with cornrows or the ends of a braided ponytail, and watch the magic happen.

Big box blue

Small or medium knotless braids look great but can be time-consuming. And if you only have 40 minutes left to get to your seat for the concert, chances are you'll miss the show by the time your braider's done. This is where big box braids come in, and you can infuse your sparkly personality onto them with a few strands of tinsel or some shiny hair wax.

A peek of color

Nothing says "I'm that girl" more than a peek of color in your braids. Whether it's black extensions with a single streak of color or multiple colored braids at the back of your head or nape, adding a few different-colored braids is all you need for that extra sparkly "wow" factor.