Precious Umeasalugo

Photo of Precious Umeasalugo
Lagos, Nigeria
University Of Lagos
Cosmetic Ingredients, Hair And Makeup Tips, Beauty Trends
  • From photographers to celebrity hairstylists, Precious has interviewed several heavyweights in the Nigerian beauty space. Some of her favorites include celebrity makeup artist and reality show judge Uchenna Enyokwa, skincare educator Gloria Chiko Okpara, and renowned creative director/photographer Alexander "Lex Ash" Ashimole.
  • Besides writing about beauty, Precious works as a digital beauty content creator and a product development researcher with Nigerian skincare brand RD8 Labs. She prides herself on her multifaceted roles in beauty as she writes about, reviews, and makes beauty products.
  • Precious is currently working on a newsletter which will be centred around African beauty and weekly rundowns of happenings in the world of cosmetics.


From rummaging through her mother's makeup bag in her childhood to spending her teenage years watching influencers and beauty gurus review products, it's no surprise Precious chose to make her life's work writing about beauty and style. With bylines in InStyle, Beatrice UK, Lavande, and ModaCulture, she is mainly concerned with making women of color feel seen through her work, whether writing about skincare ingredients that are best for melanated skin or makeup trends that show up on every hue and every shade. In addition, Precious doubles as a product development researcher, developing new melanin-friendly products and improving on already-existing market faves. So when she's not writing about the buzziest products on TikTok, she's ideating and making them. All in all, Precious is obsessed with beauty, style, and making people feel beautiful through her work.


Precious is studying for a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Toxicology at the University of Lagos. Her expertise in product development and an almost-done degree in pharmacology helps her make cosmetic ingredients and their chemistry much easier to understand in her writing.

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