The Beauty Trick To Make Matte Blush Effortlessly Glowy

If there's one part of our makeup we enjoy and look forward to the most, it's blush. Unlike foundation, which evens out your skin, or concealer, which covers up your blemishes, blush has the sole function of adding a healthy flush of color back to your skin, and there are many ways to try it.


From cream to powder blush, the options are endless. But blushes are not just based on whether they are powdery or liquid; you can also choose which blush to use based on its finish on your skin. If you like a flush of color without the dewy, hydrated look, matte blushes are the go-to. But if you prefer the iridescent, hydrated, and plump look, dewy cream blushes are the top-tier choice.

However, sometimes you might want to switch your usual matte blush look for a dewier, glowy finish. If this is you and all you have in your makeup bag are matte blushes, beauty content creator and educator Rose Siard has a trick for you. All you need is your matte blush, foundation, a fluffy brush, and a really light hand.


How to make your matte blush glowy

When it comes to a soft, cloud skin finish, we will always recommend a matte powder blush. However, Rose Siard's matte blush hack will do the trick if your goal is a glowy and slightly dewy flush.

In a tutorial reel on Instagram, beauty educator Rose Siard explains and demonstrates how to use your leftover foundation to add glow to your matte blush. In the video, she places two powder matte blush shades on her cheekbones, with a lighter pink closer to the apples of her cheeks and a darker pink closer to her temples. According to Siard, for this trick, it's best to make your blush a little bit more intense than you usually would in preparation for the secret ingredient: a light dusting of foundation. With your foundation brush and the leftover foundation on it, lightly pat the blush area from your cheeks to your temples.


As Siard further explains, patting your brush over your cheeks melts the leftover foundation into your blush, giving it a skin-like, dewy glow. Doing this will also help tone down some of the intense color payoff you got initially.

A few notes on this trick

While Rose Siard's trick guarantees you a healthy glow on your matte blush, there are things to look out for when trying this trick. One of them is to avoid using excess foundation on your blush. The reason your leftover foundation on your brush is recommended is so you can be as light-handed as possible and not entirely cover up your blush with the complexion product. A second reason is so the excess foundation does not cause your powder blush to lift and crease.


To avoid covering up your blush or even lifting it, follow Siard's advice of setting your face first with a powder puff and some translucent setting powder. Then, use a fluffy brush or makeup sponge with minimal foundation over your blush. For added glow, spritz a light coat of a dewy setting spray over your finished look, and you'll have a perfect matte-turned-glowy flush on your cheeks.