Chrombré Combines Our Favorite Nail Trends For A New Twist On Glazed Donut Manicures

When you're a beauty enthusiast, you tend to dabble in a lot of mixing and matching. For instance, some beauty lovers mix their setting powders with complexion products, while others mix different colored extensions to start a new hair trend. It's the same in nail art, where now and then, two or more trends are fused to make something just as gorgeous as the original. In this case, it's chrombré, a mix of the classic ombré nail with the popular chrome nail. The result is a freshened version of the chrome glazed donut manicure. 

Like everything else Hailey Bieber touches, the glazed donut manicure went viral for its contribution to the "clean girl" aesthetic. The star of that show was chrome powder, which gave the manicure its pearlescent 3D shine. But pearlescent donut nails can get repetitive, and that's where the ombré comes in. As its name suggests, ombré nails require a color gradient, either from light to dark or otherwise. Mix an ombré manicure with a glazing of chrome powder on top, and you've got the trending chrombré.

Evergreen pearls

Chrombré might sound extravagant — which it can sometimes be — but it can also be quite the delicate manicure. If you're looking for an interesting yet minimalist manicure, take a photo of a simple ombré chrome set like this to your nail tech. It is the perfect way to mix chrome and the clean girl's glazed donut look.

Gilded chrome

We love how chrombré does not sit still. It is ever-changing from simple pearlescent manicures and fiery, colorful ombré sets to metallic chrome coats. We especially love this take on the trend, with a nude coat on the nail bed and gold tips resembling a deconstructed French tip set.


After the blast of a summer attending Beyonce's "Renaissance" tour, we're still looking for little bits of futuristic superstar joy in our nail looks. And a holographic chrombré mix might just be the way. With holographic chrome powder diffusing into a neutral nail bed, this take on the trend is our favorite iteration yet.

Dreamy ombré clouds

Want to know our favorite thing about manicures? You can make them entirely yours. Whether you're adding cuticle chains for some glitz, nail piercings to make them stand out, or painting on some pretty stars against a pink and silver chrombré nail set, your accessorizing options are endless.

Summery chrome

Summer may be gone, but that's no reason not to have vibrant colors in your manicures and chrombré might be your best way of doing that this season. Try mixing bright pops of colors like pink or purple, and then add a glitzy feature nail with a little bling to shine under the sun.