'70s Swirl Nails Are The Retro Manicure Trend For A Vintage Vibe This Fall

From tinsel-lined glitter braids to Beyoncé's chrome-inspired silver style, summer brought with it a host of trends that were both fun and futuristic. But with the colder months of fall taking over, those futuristic themes are giving way to some serious '70s nostalgia, especially on our nails.

If you've ever been remotely interested in the style of the '70s, you've probably noticed a constant theme: lots of color. The period had an ardent love for colorful film posters, bright pastel eyeshadow looks, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, bold and funky swirls, giving rise to a certain nail look we know as swirl nails. With swirl nails, wavy squiggles are painted on to create a retro, nostalgic look, incorporating bold patterns and curves into your manicure.

So, if you're trying to fit elements of the '70s into your fall style, swirl nails are the perfect addition, and here are a couple of ways you can spice yours up even more.

Chocolate and mocha

Vibrant colors ran the '70s, but that didn't stop the neutrals from shining, too. Swirl nails are great when colorful, but they can feel a little too bold for some people. If you're looking to match your nails to your neutral pumpkin spice wardrobe capsule but still want that vintage vibe on them, getting neutral swirls instead of colorful ones is an excellent way to achieve this. Whether you pick a soft sand-like shade or a deep chocolatey brown, the swirls are yours to create.

A pop of swirls

Like the '70s, swirl nails are colorful and out there. But if you'd prefer to tone it down a bit, add the swirls as a pop of color instead of the entire look. To do this, add swirls on just one or two of your fingernails while leaving the rest plain or opt for simple French tips — stick with just enough swirls for that dash of personality on your fresh set.

Glittery swoops

Glitter was a big part of '70s style and can be a part of yours, too. You can incorporate glitter into your swirly nails either by applying swirls of glitter alongside other colors or by using a glittery top coat to seal it all in. It's your nail set and it's your imagination: Go wild and glittery with it.

An extra dose of squiggles

Unlike short nails, long nails offer a lot of surface area to try new patterns and to get creative. This is why they're an excellent fit for all the swirls you could possibly want. Mix your swirls with traditional French tips or accessorize with cuticle chains. And there you have it, a complete set of show-stopping long swirl nails.

Dreamy squiggles

Pastels have the magical power to make everything look edible, including retro, swirly nails. While neutrals and solid colors will stand out in the fall, softer colors like baby blues and lavenders are excellent color choices for your swirls. If you're stuck on what combinations to wear, try a powder blue with baby pink swirls or light matcha swirls with pale yellow squiggles.

Rainbow swirls

One of the biggest struggles of getting your nails done is selecting a color from the rack. But with these '70s-inspired swirl nails, you won't have to pick just one because you can have them all. There are so many ways you can incorporate several colors into your swirls — we love mixing solid colors and pastels into an almost minimalist nail look.

Psychedelic nails

Looking to channel the overall euphoria of the '70s but in nail form? Then opt for some trippy swirls and transport your tips to another time by bringing a touch of psychedelic charm to your nail art.

These hypnotic swirls are usually multicolored and more squiggly than the others, mimicking the illusion of kaleidoscopic swoops on your nails.