The Fun And Shiny Hair Trend That'll Be All The Rage For The 2023 Festival Season

Everyone yearns for healthy, shiny hair, but what if there's a way to make it sparkle like a diamond? Enter hair tinsel, which are shimmering extensions that come in a variety of colors, from rainbow to glittery gold. Hair tinsel has been sweeping across social media and we predict it's going to be the hottest trend for 2023 festival-goers. The shiny extensions are great for adding a pop of color to your strands without overly processing them, which can lead to fried hair over time.

Like traditional hair extensions, tinsel is attached to the base of the hair. Because of its intricate process, it's best to go to a professional, although you can learn how to DIY at home. One method hair stylists use is the slip knot, which ties the tinsel directly onto the hair. Attaching tinsel with microbeads is another method and they tend to last longer than the slip knot technique. As your hair naturally sheds, so will your tinsel. However, if applied correctly, they can last for up to a couple of months, making this trend fun and commitment-free.

Monochromatic colors add dazzle to your hair

Even if your hair tinsel matches your color, it'll still stand out because of its sparkle. If you have a fun shade like bubblegum pink, weave in some fuchsia tinsel extensions. When getting them applied, make sure to tell your stylist where you often part your hair. The extensions should go under the part so the knots aren't visible.

Add a subtle color to blend in with your hair

If you want to hop on the hair tinsel trend but don't want to go full unicorn, choose a color that complements your shade. On chestnut hair, a subtle violet provides just enough contrast to pop. Most hair tinsel is heat-resistant but you'll want to refrain from overexposing it to curling or straightening irons. If it gets too hot, it may stretch or break off.

Shiny gold hair tinsel is perfect for blonde hair

While hair tinsel comes in every color of the rainbow, gold is one of the most popular shades. It goes with every hair color, but it looks particularly great on blonde hair. The great thing about hair tinsel is that you can add multiple strands throughout your head or you can choose one area to accent. Create a "money piece" by attaching hair tinsel in the front as a face-framer.

Contrast dark hair with multicolored hair tinsel

Dark hair in just one shade can look a bit flat so why not add some contrast with multicolored rainbow hair tinsel? The shimmering strands act as a highlighter, giving hair some extra shine. When brushing your hair, you have to be mindful of the hair tinsel. Don't start at the roots where the extensions are attached. If your hair is super long, spritz with a detangler before brushing.

Silver hair tinsel rocks on violet hair

Give your unicorn hair an extra sheen with strategically placed silver hair tinsel. The metallic shade perfectly complements purple hair, which falls in the same cool category. As with brushing, when shampooing your hair, massage the roots gently with your fingertips. Use a conditioner afterward to keep your hair tinsel from tangling. 

Go full rainbow for a unicorn look

With tinsel hair, there's no such thing as being too extra. Put in as many as you want in as many different colors as you want. Rainbow tinsel is as expressive as you can get and the upside is, your hair will match any outfit you put on. The sky's the limit with this fun, colorful trend.