Mix Masculine Style Elements Into Your Feminine Fashion For A Delightfully Eclectic Look

Creating a dynamic street-style look can be a challenging task nowadays. With so many fashion trends available, it's a feat to pull off a well-balanced look that combines the trends but remains stylish and effortless. One easy way to pull off this mission is combining masculine and feminine details for a varied ensemble — especially if you enjoy wearing both traditionally "masculine" and "feminine" pieces. Playing with your fabrics, colors, and silhouettes will give you a more complex outfit that is an easy go-to formula when you don't know how to style a particular piece.

The feminine/masculine combination is a famous formula that we've seen in style trendsetters like Zendaya, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid. Apart from trending 'fits, this combination is a typical trend on the runways. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Bottega Veneta have utilized this combination for chic, high-end looks that show off their designs. There are many ways to create this formula, but the easiest route is pairing a tailored or structured item with a flowier piece that softens it. You can also bring this combination with colors by pairing darker hues with lighter or brighter shades.

Tailored blazers and flowy dresses

One of the best ways to combine masculine and feminine fashion into one look is by using two of the most iconic pieces. A tailored chic blazer with a structured design can bring an edgier look to your ensemble. Balance this out with a flowy, soft dress with more fluidity and movement. Stella McCartney's Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection showcased blazers with clean, straight lines and a trendy feminine dress for an exciting contrast.

Mixed proportions

We all know how baggy jeans impacted our denim trends in the last couple of seasons. Since this trend's not changing anytime soon, it's time to soften it with a sleek top. Mixing up your proportions can help you balance masculine and feminine silhouettes in a way that works. Rokh's Fall/Winter 2023 runway gave us an example of pairing oversized jeans with a tight-fitting bustier top. Use this combination in reverse for a trendy example of this outfit formula.

Leather and knits

If you want to use materials to create this exciting mix, you'll want to look for leather and knits. These two materials are prime examples of how these fabrics can help bring masculine and feminine energy into your ensembles. Although leather is getting a feminine makeover this fall, traditionally, leather is known for being a masculine material with its rigidness and edge. On the other hand, knits are soft and typically don't have structure. Max Mara explored this combination during their Fall 2023 show that gave defined leather pieces with the fluidity of knit items underneath.

Biker boots and slip dresses

You can't forget your footwear when incorporating masculine elements into your look. Masculine footwear options will add edge to an otherwise feminine piece. Combat boots are trendy yet again, thanks to the return of the '90s and Y2K style. Another piece from this era that came back is the elevated slip dress. This combination mixes masculine and feminine elements to create a timeless outfit. Sportmax Spring/Summer 2021 embodied this combination by showcasing elegant and silky slip dresses with bulky combat boots for a dynamic look — and it remains popular today. 

Suit up!

One of the most symbolic masculine pieces in fashion is the two-piece suit. Notorious for being a masculine officewear look, the suit has become the easiest way to look more confident. However, instead of sticking to dark shades, it's time to opt for bright and light colors. Sergio Hudson's Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection showed us a dynamic neon green metallic suit blazer and pants that combine a feminine hue with this masculine silhouette. Instead of sticking to your typical colors, opt for hues that showcase your femininity and embody your girlier side.