Metallics Are Going To Be Everywhere In Fall 2023 - Even Your Eyeliner

Summer festival season is over, which means we have to put away our glittery makeup, right? Wrong! As we transition into fall, we can celebrate the chillier months with shiny metallics. The holiday season is all about gold and silver, but don't limit yourself to just those two shades. There is a rainbow of tinsel-colored makeup to play with, and we're all about it.

Metallics can be a bit overwhelming, so we suggest focusing on one area of your face. Want to enhance your eyes? Try a glitter eyeliner or a chrome-colored shadow swept over your lids. This TikTok user lined her lower waterline with a metallic gold pencil to brighten up her eyes. According to this makeup maven, it provides a more natural look than using a white pencil liner, and we agree that it adds an extra sparkle. Metallic eyeliner has been around for a while, but the trend is gaining popularity, and we think it's definitely one you'll want to try this fall.

A metallic double-winged eyeliner will make your eyes pop

Double-winged liner has been trending for a while, but achieving this look can be a bit tricky as it requires precision. Instead of using a dark brown or black liquid eyeliner, consider using a more forgiving metallic shade. Due to its reflective properties, any minor flaws will be less noticeable. For a fun twist, line your lids with a magenta shade and apply a rose gold color to your crease.

Purple metallic liner is a fun fall shade

Fall is characterized by hues of browns and oranges, so it's refreshing to see a splash of color every now and then. A vibrant metallic purple eyeliner is the perfect shade to add a touch of brightness to anyone's day. If you're feeling daring, you can also apply lipstick in the same color. To avoid going overboard with pigment, it's best to keep the rest of your makeup simple.

Blue and green metallics give off mermaid vibes

Blue eyeliner doesn't have to make you look like a middle schooler, especially when you create a pretty cat eye with green shades mixed in. To achieve this look, it's best to use a chubby pencil and apply a generous swipe of the turquoise color across your entire eyelid. Use an aqua blue pencil to line your lower lids and extend it towards the outer top corner in a V shape, connecting it with the green. Gently blend the colors together using your fingers.

Glittery metallic liner is festive for the holidays

Be a walking Christmas ornament with these rainbow-colored glittery eyes. To achieve this look, you'll need a variety of products, but we believe you can never have too many metallic liners. To create your own disco eyes, use two or three different shades of metallic liners to make small strokes along your lower lash line. For a final touch, apply a glittery liquid liner over the colors and onto your lashes Instant holiday cheer!

Liquid gold eyes are perfect for autumn

Minimal doesn't have to mean boring. For a subtle take on the metallic eyeliner trend, stick with one neutral color such as gold. You can rock a simple line on your top lids or extend it into a dramatic cat eye. Swipe on a single coat of mascara, and your barely-there makeup is complete.

Dazzle with metallic black liner

Channel your inner grunge fairy with glittery lids and an equally shiny metallic black winged liner. To ensure that your glitter shadow stays in place, apply a primer to your lids before application. If you don't have a primer, concealer can also be used, but avoid using setting powder on top of it. The shadow needs something to adhere to. Use a metallic black liquid liner to create a wing. If you only have a matte liner, you can achieve this look by applying a glittery liner on top.