The Best Dupes We Can Find For The Cult-Favorite Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

Beauty enthusiasts worldwide cannot stop praising the award-winning Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm. This lip balm offers soothing hydration for dry lips and has become a favorite among many. Available in seven shades, it provides a subtle tint of color without feeling sticky. Fans of clean beauty will also appreciate that Summer Fridays' Butter Balm is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, boasting high-quality ingredients.

Each lip balm features a light scent, such as vanilla, brown sugar, mint, or cherry. With nourishing ingredients like shea butter and murumuru seed butter, it's easy to fall in love with this iconic tinted lip product. However, it comes with a hefty price tag of $24 for a standard-size tube containing only 0.5 ounces. As a loyal fan of the Summer Fridays Butter Balm, it may seem impossible to find a comparable alternative. Fortunately, there are four glossy balms that live up to the hype, providing ample moisture and color that can rival the Summer Fridays Butter Balm at a more affordable price point.

Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm

The Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm also features shea butter, as well as cupuaçu butter, a lesser-known ingredient. "This butter contains a fatty acid called oleic acid, which helps improve your skin's moisture levels to keep it soft and hydrated. It also helps seal the moisture in your skin and regenerates skin's elasticity," New York-based dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman explained to Huda Beauty. When applied to the lips, cupuaçu butter conditions and enhances the emollient effects of the lip balm, according to Naturium's Ingredient Library.

The ultra-moisturizing formula of this lip balm utilizes phyto-derived esters, a plant-based alternative to lanolin, to heal chapped lips, per Naturium. TikToker @makeupbymonicaa suggests that Naturium's Lychee balm is a great dupe for Summer Fridays' Cherry shade. Naturium offers eight other options as well. As seen in the TikTok video, the Summer Fridays balm creates a more vibrant pop of color compared to Naturium, but both balms offer a sheer tint so Naturium can easily be layered on top of lipstick for fuller coverage. At less than half the price, the $10 Naturium Phyto-Glow Balm is a great steal.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

The popular Korean skincare and beauty brand, Laneige, is known for its focus on creating skincare and beauty products that provide intense hydration. While you may be familiar with Laneige's signature products like the Water Bank Cream and Lip Sleeping Mask, don't overlook its tinted lip balm. The Laneige Lip Glowy Balm is another great option due to its similar ingredients. Like Summer Fridays' lip balm, the Lip Glowy Balm also features shea butter and murumuru butter as the star players in the moisture-intensive formulation.

The main difference between the $18 Glowy Balm and the $24 Butter Balm is the level of color saturation. The Glowy Balm will not provide a highly pigmented tint to your lips, so you can expect a subtle wash of color with just one application. While it may be tempting to layer the Glowy Balm over lipstick for more color, it works best when applied directly to your lips to allow the nourishing properties to work their magic.

Cay Skin Isle Lip Balm SPF 30

Model Winnie Harlow developed her beauty line Cay Skin to emphasize the importance of sun protection designed for all skin types and colors, which is how Cay Skin's Isle Lip Balm SPF 30 came into being. "It was hard finding SPF for the lips that wasn't drying," Harlow shared with Byrdie. "I wanted something that felt good on your lips that you'd actually want to use."

This $14 SPF tinted lip balm comes in three colors: Clear, Irie Rose, and Bad Gyal Berry. Similar to the Summer Fridays Butter Balm, Cay Skin's Isle Lip Blam uses nutrient-rich ingredients, such as aloe stem cells to soothe the skin and sea moss, which strengthens the skin's barrier and calms inflammation, per Cay Skin. According to TikToker @facebareskincare, the Clear balm makes a great alternative to the Summer Fridays' Vanilla balm thanks to the glossy finish, SPF, and yummy vanilla brown sugar flavor.

Lanolips Glossy Balm

According to TikToker @alirosegray, the Lanolips Glossy Balm in Candy serves as a close alternative to Summer Fridays' lip balm in the shade Poppy. The Glossy Balm is only $13.50 and leaves a shiny finish, similar to Summer Fridays' Butter Balm. However, unlike the other Summer Fridays dupes, the Lanolips balms are richly pigmented, so you can forgo lipstick and double-swipes.

Lanolip's high-shine lippie also contains moisturizing shea butter, along with lanolin, a naturally occurring oil produced by sheep that protects their skin and wool from the external environment. Lanolin's molecular composition resembles your skin's natural sebum (oil), which makes it easy for your skin to absorb, per Healthline. While not a vegan-friendly alternative, the Lanolips Glossy Balm still qualifies as a worthy dupe for the Summer Fridays Butter Balm due to the nourishing shea butter, low price, and glossy finish. However, prospective users should bear in mind that the American Academy of Dermatology named lanolin its allergen of the year in 2023, so proceed with caution if you've never used a product containing lanolin before or if you're prone to eczema flare-ups.