White Boots Are Outdated In 2023 - What To Wear Instead

Boots are the must-have shoe for every fall and winter season. Everything from knee-highs to ankle boots are welcome in seasonal closets and help create chic, high-fashion looks. Classic colors like black and brown will always have a place in our footwear collections since they're neutral hues that pair well with most ensembles, but white boots are no longer part of this timeless group — they're on their way out. Although there was a moment in which white boots found themselves amongst fashion must-haves, we're opting for something a little more vibrant this fall.  

The color of fall is red, and it's coming for your footwear. Red boots might seem overwhelming for those used to toned-down shoes that don't call for such a statement, but punchy red is the perfect way to add color to any look. Even minimalist dressers can adopt the red boot to add flair to their ensembles without taking over their 'fit.

Trendy sock boots

Not long ago, sock boots were everywhere — from the runway to the streets. While the trend is making a comeback, it's the perfect style to wear in a statement red hue, imbuing your 'fit with the aura of high fashion. Bottega Veneta's Fall/Winter 2023 collection perfectly showcases the red sock boot trend with an incredibly cozy pair that defines both luxury and comfort.

Deep burgundy pairs

While bright red shoes are getting all the attention, other shades of this color can perfectly complete this boot trend, too. A deep burgundy hue is ideal for those looking for a muted red shade. In Lanvin's Fall/Winter 2023 collection, thigh-high burgundy boots were the finishing touch on chic and classic ensembles. With slightly less saturation than a bright red, burgundy is a middle-ground color for those who want to subtly add a pop of unexpected vibrancy to their wardrobes without going too bold.

Ruby ankle booties

A pair of ankle boots are always welcome in your wardrobe year-round. Even during the warmer months, ankle boots can add a unique twist to your footwear. In a red hue, ankle boots absolutely stand out — even on casual days, they can be the perfect accompanying shoe to give your 'fit some life. We've seen many celebrities and trendsetters — Gigi Hadid, for one – rocking the red ankle boot for years, and now it's time to give it another go.

Tall rouge shoes

Recently, tall boots have seen a resurgence in popularity. With pant boots becoming more of an everyday piece, don't be shocked to find more tall red boots giving you style inspo. Brands like Hermès have embraced the look, adding powerful confidence to each stride of its 2023 Fall/Winter runway show. If you're ready to fully embrace red, you can't do better than a tall rouge boot.

Ultra-chic cowboy boots

Since we're removing the white boot in 2023, replacing it with an incoming trend is only fair. But red cowboy boots are even more than a passing fad — they're surprisingly comfortable shoes that add plenty of high-fashion style to your casual, everyday outfits. Molly Goddard's Spring/Summer 2023 collection showcased red embroidered cowboy boots that blend the stylish cowboy design with a sleeker alternative, and it's the perfect shoe to take with us into the fall.