How To Transition Your Summer Golden-Hour Makeup To Fall 2023

With the start of the fall season, it's common to lean towards darker and mattifying makeup looks. There's something about the gloomy skies and cold weather that makes beauty enthusiasts switch from nude lips to deep purple shades. While fall hues remain popular in the beauty world this year, there's a twist to our makeup routine that will help us maintain our vacation glow a little longer.

Summer golden-hour makeup, which focuses on bronzers and glistening 'no-makeup' looks, is here to stay for another season. "This trend is skin focused and involves using warm, shimmery, and bronze-toned products to create a radiant and luminous glow," celebrity makeup artist J Guerra explained to Who What Wear. "The final look is ethereal. It's a magical play on light with how it illuminates makeup and skincare products and brings these reflective textures to life."

Highlighters and bronzers usually take center stage in the summer, thanks to self-tanners and regular tans that enhance their effect. These products, along with blushes and glosses, help us achieve that vacation glow all season long. Even though it's no longer beach weather, these makeup looks can still give us a hint of that tropical sunset vibe throughout the fall and winter. Embrace the vacation life year-round by incorporating soft and subtle elements of your summer beauty routine into your fall makeup looks.

Glow from within

To create the illusion of living by the beach all year round, it is important to prioritize products that enhance your natural glow. Whether it's a vibrant highlighter or a foundation with a dewy finish, the goal is to make your skin radiate. When using a highlighter, apply it to the high points of your face to capture light from every angle. For foundation, opt for formulas that provide a luminous sheen and the perfect golden-hour glow.

Understated lips

Part of the charm of summer's golden-hour makeup looks was their effortless and natural appearance. To maintain the trend's natural simplicity, opt for lipsticks and glosses that are less bold and pigmented. Nudes and pinks are ideal colors to help you achieve that simple golden-hour vibe throughout the fall season.

Warm tones

Whether you prefer the 'no-makeup' makeup look or want to add a hint of color, it's best to stick with warmer tones. To achieve the popular golden-hour trend, opt for golden or warm tones that give your skin a sun-kissed appearance. Shades of orange, gold, and brown are perfect for recreating that sunset glow. For a more subtle look, use desaturated shades of these colors.

Barely-there blush

A golden-hour makeup look wouldn't be complete without pigment on the cheeks. Blush can give your skin a rosy hue, creating the perfect sun-kissed glow. Opt for soft pink or brown blushes to achieve a summer-inspired look. Remember to tap off any excess powder from your brush or tool to prevent applying too much blush. The goal is to achieve a soft and delicate flush of color on your cheeks, avoiding streaky application.

All-over bronze

Although self-tanners and tanning products can help us achieve a bronzy glow in the summer, there are many other ways to mimic this sun-kissed look in our everyday makeup routine. One tip is to use bronzer to add warmth to your face, and don't shy away from bronzers with shimmer for an extra glow. Additionally, consider investing in body shimmer products to give your neck and chest areas a bronze effect. With these products, you can achieve the look of a tropical vacation getaway, even during the fall season.