How Often Should You Be Getting Facials For Healthy Skin?

While skincare products can do plenty to help you keep your skin healthy, facials can be a great addition to help reset your skin occasionally. Like anything, too much or little of something can be more harmful than good. Facials, for example, can contain various ingredients depending on your facial treatment and clog your skin if repeated too often. Therefore, knowing the right frequency of your facials is essential to preplan your spa days.

The final number of facials for healthy skin will depend on your skin type, according to Like most treatments and services around the skin, your skin might be too sensitive for specific therapies, meaning you'll want to spread your facials out longer. On the other hand, skin that can tolerate more products and services may find that they can repeat their facial sooner. That said, you want to ensure you're giving your skin enough time to recuperate after your last treatment before scheduling your next. After all, waiting allows your skin to continue growing healthy and at its own pace.

Your facial frequency

Generally, you should plan for a facial every four to six weeks, depending on your skin type, Shani Darden, an esthetician, told However, people with acne-prone or oily skin could arrange a facial more frequently to help reset the skin. The recurring facials for those with oiler skin help remove some of that excess sebum and clear the way for a clean base. 

While there are different facials, most help remove dead skin cells that clog and block the pores, creating acne breakouts and other issues. After your facial, you want to give your skin a chance to regenerate healthy cells before returning for another removal. According to Healthline, you also want to consider what type of facial you'll receive when booking your facials. For instance, with medium-depth chemical peels, you'll only be able to receive the treatment once every few months. Superficial peels need around two to four weeks for recovery. However, some of the strongest deep chemical peels are only applied once in your lifetime.

Benefits of a facial

While you may think that facial treatments only treat superficial problems, they are ideal for those looking to get their skin closer to their goals. After all, facials are beneficial because they can improve circulation in the skin and help nutrients circulate properly, according to Reid Health. Proper circulation can improve discoloration and dull skin and give you healthier-looking skin. Each facial will vary, depending on your chosen type, but most will typically consist of a massage to help with this circulation.

For those who find that their skincare products aren't working correctly, a facial can help improve your routine's efficiency. A proper facial, performed by a professional, will help remove the dead skin cells and reveal a healthier layer that will absorb more of the product, shares Anderson College. By removing the dry skin, you can hydrate and treat the skin better and more directly. Additionally, heading to a professional for a facial will allow you to ask more detailed questions about your skin and its needs. Although facials aren't a long-term solution, they can make tackling skin issues like acne easier and help you start at a clean base. For best results, you want to continue caring for your skin between visits to ensure your skin is constantly getting better.