'Cinnamon Spice' Makeup Is Bringing '90s Brown To Fall 2023

Ever since latte makeup emerged, food-inspired beauty trends have been plenty. Fortunately, they've brought us some recent iconic trends like caramel macchiato and strawberry makeup. With all of the rich fall foods available, it was inevitable that the season would produce another gorgeous food-inspired beauty trend. Not to be outdone by pumpkin spice, cinnamon spice is the newest makeup trend that infuses some of our favorite aspects of cinnamon foods and '90s-era beauty.

The cinnamon spice makeup uses all of the fall tones that remind you of cinnamon; this includes warm browns, golds, and even hints of red. The overall look should be warm and center around the rich cinnamon color. Shimmers add a bit of glam and sparkle to your cinnamon spice look. As for reds, they should be around the terracotta shade to thoroughly add the spice in "cinnamon spice." While you can create many looks within this cinnamon spice trend, remember that many of the best ways revolve around your favorite '90s beauty trends, like dark lip liners or eyeliners that bring more drama and warmth to your look.

Brown eyeshadow shades

To add the cinnamon to your cinnamon spice look, you'll want to add brown eyeshadow for warmth and richness to your eyes. Whether you opt for mattes or shimmers is up to you, but you want to reach for warm browns that help give you a bronzed touch to the eyelids. Finish off the eyes with smudged brown eyeliner or eyeshadow in the water line to bring in the cohesive cinnamon look.

Matte cinnamon lips

Because the fall season is the perfect time to bring out your matte lipsticks, why not add them to your cinnamon spice look? Opt for a matte brown lipstick to bring some flat texture to your makeup look that can counterbalance any shimmers in your eyes. Add a darker lip liner around the edge to add a '90s touch to your lips that'll work long after the fall.

Add some spice

It wouldn't be cinnamon spice makeup without a hint of red. Although there are several shades of red out there, you want to aim in the terracotta area as this color is a mixture of brown and red. A touch of terracotta on the lips, cheeks, or eyes will bring more warmth to your face and pair wonderfully with any brown or gold hues you add to your makeup.

Brown and gold shimmers

While the cinnamon powder we mainly use is brown, there are cinnamon sticks with a more golden shade. Golds and browns mix wonderfully and make an even better pair for shimmers. Shimmery eyeshadow in the fall season will add a lighter touch and keep your makeup from falling flat. Adding these different formulas from matte, gloss, and shimmers will keep your makeup unique and exciting.

Decadent glossy touch

Along with mattes and shimmers, gloss is another texture that'll bring out the cinnamon spice colors in your look. The most common way to incorporate gloss into your makeup is via lip gloss. Using brown lip glosses is an easy way to add another texture to your look without ruining it. However, you can also opt for a dewy blush or bronzer that gives your makeup a bit more of a wet look.

Smokey cinnamon spice

In many ways, you can transform your cinnamon spice makeup into an everyday look. However, it also makes for the perfect night-out makeup with the addition of a smokey eye. Utilize dark and light shades of brown, reds, and oranges to create a cinnamon spice smokey eye that'll stand out at all your fall formal events. Finish it off with a darker lip for your go-to seasonal date-night look.