Use A Mascara Shield For Mess-Free Application

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There are many accessible and helpful mascara hacks to help you up your makeup game, such as the doubled-up mascara approach that promises all-day wear. But what about mascara strategies that prevent the annoying — and far-too-common — experience of product getting all over your eyelids during the application process? It's never fun to break out the makeup remover and even re-do your eyeshadow because your mascara made a mess. If you're tired of that inconvenience, a mascara shield will be your saving grace.


A mascara shield does precisely as its name describes: shields your eyelids from a mascara mishap. Tia Shea, a makeup TikToker with over 150,000 followers, posted a video applying mascara using a lash shield, describing the item as a "MUST HAVE," and ending the sequence with enhanced lashes and no mess. Thus, anyone looking to emphasize their lashes with mascara and no inconveniences needs a mascara shield.

Mascara shields are helpful and easy to use

There's nothing advanced or stressful about using a mascara shield— anyone who knows how to apply mascara should have no issues using the guard. Lash-obsessed TikToker posted a video explaining how to use the tool. In the 16-second clip, the TikTok user explained that you only need to position the shield between your lashes and eyelid, slide it downwards, and then push it up. Once you can keep the tool in place, apply the mascara. Do the tops of your eyelashes first, then put on the mascara as usual.


TikToker @angelatierney1 also posted a video using a lash shield. They applied a lash primer and mascara with the guard in place, noting that the product is helpful for both the top and bottom lashes. The results were long, dark, and mess-free lashes, and the TikToker described the product as a "game-changer."

Check out these mascara shields

There are many mascara shields available if you want to try one. Anyone looking for an option that also serves as a lash comb should check out the Tweezerman Lash Guard & Comb, available for around $11 at Target. This lash shield slash comb has four out of five stars with an 84% recommendation rate.


Those after an even more affordable option should consider the 3pcs Mascara Shield Applicator Guard Eyelash Guide For Makeup, selling for only about $1 at Shein. The plastic mascara shield has 4.86 stars. A happy customer wrote, "Comes with 3 guides. Made out of plastic, so you have to be careful when using this. They're small, but for the price, you can't beat it. You can use this when applying mascara and eyeliner." Another pleased reviewer noted that the item is helpful for people with hooded eyes.

If you want to buy not only mascara shields but additional cosmetic tools as well, such as an eyebrow brush and tweezer, you should look into the NANOXITY Eyelash Mascara Guard Eyelash Comb Eyebrow Brush Mascara Shield Applicator Guard Eyelash Separator Tool Eyelash Tweezers Eye Makeup Tools. The eight-piece kit is available for approximately $10 on Amazon and has 3.8 stars.