The TikTok Style Hack That Keeps Your Belt Flap From Dangling

Belts are one of the easiest ways to elevate any look, whether you're into the updated studded belt trend or the statement-making oversized belt look. But if your belt is too long and dangly, it can ruin the whole vibe and make an otherwise polished outfit look messy.

If you're used to having too much belt length and too few hoops to hold it all into place, TikToker @seannaltman has an easy style hack to help. In a video, the content creator shares exactly how he keeps belt flaps tidy using something you likely already have stashed in your bathroom drawer: elastic hair ties. Altman starts with one clear hair tie, since, as he says, they're less visible than other colors. Then, he puts on a leather belt, making sure to note where the belt flap ends. After unbuckling, he loops one elastic over the belt, positioning it where needed to secure the flap, creating an additional — and invisible — belt loop. The fashion influencer puts the belt back on, slides the end of the belt through the elastic, and voilà! The belt stays flat and doesn't move.

Other ways to secure a dangly belt flap

Seann Altman's hair tie hack is genius, though it's not the only way to secure a long belt. Thanks to TikTok, there are multiple ways to style a belt without looking sloppy. Clothing boutique American Threads demonstrated a knotting technique in a viral TikTok clip that's perfect for lengthy, floppy belts. All you do is put the belt through the buckle, then tuck and loop the excess to create a stylish knot. This hack is ideal for hard, leather-type belts of thin or medium thickness (if the belt is too thick, you may struggle to knot it properly).

Another super simple method is the tape method. TikToker @emily.j.muir showed off how the hack works even if you don't have belt loops. Just take double-sided tape and stick it on the underside of the belt flap. Then, secure it to the rest of the belt to keep it in place. Keep in mind, however, that you'll need to pull apart the tape each time you remove the belt. Moreover, @emily.j.muir noted in the comments that you'll have to apply new tape each time you fasten the belt again.

When to let it hang

A supersized belt isn't always a problem to fix — sometimes, a dangly belt can add visual interest to an outfit. In general, fabric belts can be left free to hang, since they're less likely to awkwardly poke out to the side the way harder materials might. Tie one around a dress or skirt and let it swing alongside the fabric of the garment. Or, wrap it around a long cardigan or jacket to cinch your waist. If a standard knot is too basic for your aesthetic, try influencer Chantel Mila's TikTok hack for a chic alternative. Just wrap one end of the belt around your hand, then pull the other end through the middle to form a neat knot. For a more feminine touch, tie your soft fabric belt into a bow, choosing between styling it on the side or moving it to the back for a sweet and unexpected detail.

Leather and faux leather belts can be left loose too, though you might want to prioritize structure and fit throughout the rest of your look. Choose tailored pieces, such as a button-up shirt, menswear-style pants, or a well-fitting blazer. Then, top the ensemble off with a long, dangly belt for some casual contrast.

Finally, if you don't want to deal with the fuss of having a too-long belt, the simplest hack of all might be finding your correct belt size. That way, you get the perfect length every time.