Dark French Manicures Are The Fall 2023 Nail Trend We're Seeing Everywhere

Most nail enthusiasts can agree that the French manicure is timelessly beautiful. But what if you want to put a moody fall twist on the classic French manicure? In fall 2023, you don't have to choose between the beloved French tip look and darker nail polish — one of the season's hottest nail trends combines the two. "Dark French tips on a sheer natural base, like a black tip, are big... They're delicate with a bit of an edge ... with a nod to the grunge trend. So a deep [F]rench in colours like Lady in Black and Malaga Wine by OPI," Harriet Westmoreland, a successful nail artist, told Glamour UK.

Thus, fall 2023 is the perfect time for French manicure lovers looking for something warmer, edgier, or more fall-themed to go deeper and darker with their French tip hues. From sleek black to perfect-for-fall orange to warm brown, there are a plethora of dark French manicure options to explore that put a twist on the classic French manicure.

Edgy black French manicures

Don't be afraid to embrace your emo side with the black French manicure trend! Opting for a black French tip instead of the traditional white will make your manicure stand out and look more on theme with the chillier fall and winter seasons. And, even though the black will add an edgy touch, it's still a timeless neutral, perfect for completing elegant ensembles.

Sexy red

Red is a perfect hue for adding a touch of lively color to your nails, and a deep, sultry red tip is ideal for your next French manicure in fall 2023. Not only are burgundy and scarlet French manicures perfect for apple picking and other fall activities, but they're also super seductive-looking for the bedroom.

Delicious brown

Why not let your favorite coffee inspire your next manicure? Fall is typically filled with delicious treats, from yummy coffee drinks to caramel apples to chocolate desserts galore. Think of those fall sweets when planning your next French manicure, and consider a warm brown tip based on your favorite fall foods.

Fun plum

If you want something dark with more color than brown or black but not as bold as red, plum and other dark purple shades are perfect for fall and winter. A deep purple French tip provides a unique, intriguing look for a still-elegant spin on the classic French manicure — but with a bit more color and edge.

Autumn orange

One color always screams "autumn," and that color is orange. So, you can't go wrong with an orange French tip if you want to put a fall-themed spin on the French manicure. Whether you go for a burnt orange hue or an orange with more of a reddish tint, everyone should try a warm orange French tip at least once before fall 2023 ends.

Chic gray

Are you looking for a French manicure variation darker and edgier than the classic white but not as intense as black? Gray is the perfect compromise between white and black! Moody gray French tips never fail to look mysterious and eye-catching — not only during the fall but any day of the year.

Dreamy deep blue

Dark blue is another modern spin on the classic white French tip that will look stunning during any season. A navy blue tip appears ultra-sleek, a dark green-blue looks alluring and mysterious, a deep gray-blue appears unapologetically moody, and dark royal blue helps make your nails look livelier.