Feather Lashes Are The Fun New Way To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Falsies

Joining the stage next to colorful eyeliners and fun, tinted brows is feather lashes — in both neutral hues and bright colors. While lash extensions have been a gift from the heavens for those who have shorter, thin eyelashes or simply don't enjoy wearing mascara and want a ready-to-go solution in the morning, some makeup enthusiasts are having a blast with the wild-and-free vibe of feather falsies.

These may seem like a Halloween-only option, but feather falsies can be a dramatic expression of creativity when you're feeling called to walk on the edge. Whether you opt to keep the rest of your makeup simple, allowing the feather falsies to shine on their own, or go full force with a colorful and creative face of makeup, this touch can completely transform your look for the day, especially when you've picked the perfect falsies for your eye shape. Feather falsies can bring a doll-like energy, and these lashes will certainly demand attention — making them a great icebreaker. 

Bright and bubbly

Go for the drama with an oversized, bright feather lash. Simple, understated makeup is well suited for grand lashes like these, so try a neutral lip and soft blush. You'll be making a statement with these falsies no matter what, so try letting them inspire the rest of your look.  

Full drama

Dramatic and ethereal, full, over-the-top feather lashes are what this trend is all about. And if you aren't a fan of the brighter hues, you can still nail the drama with oversized black or neutral feather lashes. We just know these lashes flutter and flirt in the best way. For large feather lashes, try a more classic makeup look to complement the drama these bring. Talk about batting your lashes — the results are truly stunning. 

Woodland lashes

For a nature-inspired look, try speckled feather lashes. Delicate and sweet, these are great paired with autumn hues and make for a woodland fairy vibe that's sure to garner compliments. These are also best suited for a more classic face of makeup. If you're unsure about how to remove your feather falsies, remember that removing false lashes couldn't be easier with Vaseline.

The brow, lash, and hair trio

If you're ready to fully commit to a vibe for the evening, try tinting your brows the same shade as your hair and feather falsies. Paired with some delicate daisy facial art (or any design you so choose), this look has us totally swooning. Try using a shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones to complement your larger-than-life lashes.

An ethereal vibe

For a more ethereal look, try wispy feather lashes. You may want to opt for an eyeshadow in a similar hue to really make them pop. If you've been feeling a bit underwhelmed when it comes to putting on your morning face, a pair of dramatic feather falsies may very well be your answer.